Sunday, October 26, 2014

Performing for others

Today was Children's Church at our church. The kids "led" the congregation. This meant the choirs sang.

Cheese Puff was in a mood. He sat with us, instead of going back to nursery. The nursery lady seems to panic if there's more than one kid in there. And he must have sensed her hesitation. We were stuck with a child who was screaming his head off right before the service started. He calmed down for the most part, and played with the man sitting behind us for a while.

Baby Plum's choir sang first, so he joined us. I got nothing out of the service. Usually I don't.

Near the end of the service, all of the kids' choirs got up to sing a song. Cheese Puff was not about to let his brother go up on stage without him. Fine. I'd fought him enough. I figured he'd be ok. Baby Plum wouldn't hold his hand, but he would stand by him.
After the first chorus, Cheese Puff picked up the song and managed to sing some words.
His presence seemed to encourage Baby Plum to actually sing and do some of the dance steps.
Little Elvis was on the other end. He's so funny. Dancing is really not his thing. But he tried harder today than usual.
Look at that effort!
Our two younger babies continuing to do the steps. I talked to the little one's choir director this evening and asked if she noticed her stowaway. She said she did, and she thought he did a great job with the song and steps.

Then it was time for Little Elvis to do the benediction.
Look how serious.
Last year, at Christmas, he read some sort of something (I really don't retain much) and impressed the entire church with his reading skills. I didn't think to invite my parents, and didn't take pictures. This time, we took pictures at least.
He did a great job.... even though he wasn't feeling well. Little Elvis was sick on Friday night. He was eh on Saturday. On Sunday morning, he seemed better. But was starting to fade by the end of church. We still went to Sam's. He drank some Sprite, but couldn't even eat his pizza. We knew that was bad. Sam's pizza is his favorite food. He seemed to rally for play practice, but by the time Trunk or Treat rolled around this evening, our oldest was fading fast.
Here are our three trick-or-treaters! I was very lazy this year. Cheese Puff is Mickey Mouse. He's wearing his Mickey Mouse jacket that my mom got him for Christmas, and some leggings that Baby Plum wore when he was Mickey. Little Elvis is Harry Potter. We borrowed the robe from a friend, and he wore his own glasses. He carried a black drum stick as his wand, and I drew a lightning bolt on his forehead. Baby Plum was the most work. He decided he wanted to be Buzz. I went to the 1/2 price sale at our local thrift shop and got this costume. It fits him pretty well.
See how cute they are? Maybe I won't be so lazy next year. But they look cute and were mostly happy, except for the sickly Harry Potter. He laid on Bob's lap right before they went trick or treating, and then as soon as they made their first pass, we packed up and headed home. He didn't eat.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

They look super in their costumes! I love LE's as Harry Potter! I almost didn't recognize him in the earlier photos. Not sure if that's because he's growing up and changing - or maybe the illness? Either way, I'm glad the crashed choir performance worked out!

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent job all around and the pictures keep getting better and better.
Grandpa Stew

12:13 AM  

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