Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Halloween week festivities

This isn't an exhaustive list. As the boys have gotten older, and as we've had more children, I've been much worse with the camera. Still. I try.
Cheese Puff had to dress as an animal (not a character) for his Halloween Party. He wore his super cute tiger hat I bought him last year that he usually refuses to wear, and Baby Plum's orange turtleneck. I also drew a nose and whiskers on him. He turned out pretty cute, and I love his hat! He wore it most of the morning! I wish he was more of a hat boy.
Here he is with his teachers. One of them wore cat ears in the pick up line that morning and I asked him if that was his teacher. He said it wasn't her. The ears threw him off.
Cheese Puff playing at a Trunk or Treat thing. He went into the little kids area with me, hence the pictures of him. Bob had the older two, and no camera.
He didn't completely understand the concept of croquet.
But he left his hoodie up, which was nice.
I managed to snap one picture of all three. At least the older two were happy to be in the photo.
Baby Plum's school had a fall carnival. I took all of the boys, and they had so much fun. Here they are at the photo booth.
They had things on sticks for the pictures, Cheese Puff didn't realize his bowtie wasn't a pair of glasses. I think it's cute.