Friday, November 28, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm a day late! But happy (belated) Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping day! Bob and I did some shopping yesterday evening, and a little this morning. We were mostly done with Christmas shopping, and now we're more done. Yay!

Anyway, these pictures are not from Thanksgiving. They are from a thing our city does once a year called Week of the Family. It's always fun, sweet events that the boys really enjoy. I wish it was earlier in the year, just because I hate to be cold. The boys had a great time, though.
They all wore their hats! That's not something that happens very often around here. Cheese Puff is stubborn. Sometimes he's anti-bouncy, but he was into this one. For a little while at least.
Cute monster.
Little Elvis won a miniature gun at one of the games. I ended up taking it away. He was poking his eye with it repeatedly, and I knew it would end up scratched.
This picture frustrates me. I know that it would be amazing. I can tell. It would be an amazing shot of Baby Plum's big happy grin. (Shakes fist at bouncy house.)
Here's another cute one of him, though. I love his hat. He's kind of not into it, but he was willing to wear it that day.
Cheese Puff swinging.
And then faking me out on the slide. He attempted 3 times, and climbed down all but the last time. Bob ended up climbing up and going down with him.

They had so much fun!

The boys are starting to play (mostly) well together. They are loving the sunroom. It's our new music center. We plug the ipod in, and they walk in circles around the table. Seriously. They walk in circles to music. If he's by himself, Baby Plum will sit in front of the ipod, and read the titles of each song. But if the other two are out there, then he joins in the little procession.

When they aren't walking around the table in the sunroom, they are starting to rough house more. Little Elvis has taken MSU's success very personally. He wants to play football now, and is trying to understand it. He's watched some games with us, and has TONS of questions. His brothers don't care to watch the games, but they enjoy throwing the ball, and tackling. Rough housing has finally made it's way into our house. I kind of figured it would.


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