Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Little Elvis, superstar

Little Elvis is a funny boy. He is. Sometimes it's intentional. Today, on the way home from school, I made a comment about a huge motor home trying to drive through our neighborhood. It was nonsensical. He said, "I did that a lot today. I had something funny to say about everything." I don't doubt it.

His play was this weekend. He was kind of lackluster on Friday night, and spent the last half of the play playing with his hand. He came running out as soon as it was over yelling, "I pulled my wart off!" At least we knew what he was doing. He was much louder and a little more focused for the other two performances.
The assistant director emailed me this picture. His character was a well-dressed torturer. A tickle torturer. The play was cute and went well, but we were all ready for a much needed break from all of the practices, and costume prep. 

The play hasn't been the only source of excitement for Little Elvis. He pulled another tooth last weekend. He's only got one more to go before we get a break. He's currently got 3 gaps in his mouth. And two of those were a bit of a problem for his Tooth Fairy. She kind of forgot about them. Both of them. At different times.

The first time, he woke up ready for his dollar, and bawled. We put the dollar on his toothbrush. Pretty good idea, huh? Well, then he lost another, and we forgot again. This time he checked under his pillow, then he checked his toothbrush. He didn't cry. He informed. Bob put the dollar in a sneaker. I told him he had a silly tooth fairy. He just gave me a look.

Then, he pulled another tooth. And he decided to write his tooth fairy a note. He's tired of her silliness.

It essentially says, "Dear Ms. Tooth Fairy. Please don't leave the dollar somewhere silly. Sincerely, Little Elvis. (Hide it under my pillow.)

Not exactly the most polite note, but it was funny. It also worked. The tooth fairy remembered. He may not believe anymore. But he's going along with us right now.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

He is funny! I love the note to the tooth fairy. And the photo of the play is great! Little Elvis looks like the star of the show.

9:54 AM  
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