Sunday, November 30, 2014

Prepping for surgery

A couple of weeks ago, Cheese Puff and I accompanied my dad for a foot surgery. We spent a couple of hours in a small curtained off room with a phone and the Disney Channel.
Cheese Puff was so good! He played with the cord a little. He's not used to seeing phone cords.
He didn't use that phone to call the nurse, but did call the nurse on the remote control. He called her right as my grandmother, who is hard of hearing, called me. Fun times. She said she knew we couldn't handle it, but it was the only time he pushed that button, and I thought he was really good!

Tomorrow, we find out if he will need surgery. This sweet little baby has constantly swollen tonsils. Even when he's not sick, they are swollen. When he had strep two weeks ago, they were almost touching. He has issues breathing at night. When he gets in bed with us, it's kind of scary to listen to him. He doesn't have sleep apnea, but those tonsils make deep sleep hard for him. Bob's tonsils are always slightly swollen, and they make him miserable sometimes. So, we're meeting with an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor tomorrow after pre-school. I'm very nervous about it.


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