Sunday, November 23, 2014


It's been a long time! We've had a couple of sickies, including me. Hence the lack of posts.

Cheese Puff rallied from strep last week very quickly. But today, he was whiny and tired all day. I hope it's not starting again.

My dad had surgery on his foot last week. Cheese Puff and I took him to the surgery center, and waited for him. Cheese Puff was so good! We sat in a little curtained off room for a few hours, and he was great. He wouldn't share the snacks I packed us both, but other than that, he was great. I thought (hoped) he would be.

I didn't do a great job of planning that day. I just kind of assumed I'd be able to pick the other two up from school. I realized around noon that I probably wouldn't. One of my friends was happy to pick Baby Plum up with her daughter. Boy, did she treat that boy well. She took them to the mall, got them a ride on the train, a ride on the carousel, and bought them frozen yogurt! I was kind of shocked when he willingly got into the car with me the next day.

While Baby Plum was treated like a king, Bob picked up Little Elvis. Little Elvis' math grades weren't great on his last progress report. (He decided that instead of measuring with a ruler the regular way, he'd make up his own way. It didn't work out so well. But he tried for a few quizzes and a test. He's back to regular measuring now.) Little Elvis did math worksheets that we printed out for him that afternoon. So glad that Baby Plum isn't a big talker. He didn't tell his brother about all his special treats.

My dad is slowly recovering now. His foot still really hurts. He's got some crutches, and says he enjoys when the boys visit him and jump on his bed.

Oh I hope Cheese Puff's not sick again. We just got over two weeks of sickness!


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I hope Cheese Puff isn't sick again, too!

Sorry to hear about all the sickness. Crossing my fingers that everyone is feeling better in time for Thanksgiving!

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