Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas fun

My mom sent me some more pictures of the boys. Since I can't seem to take any, or upload them, I'm grateful.

She and my dad took the older two to the big city the weekend before Christmas to do some shopping.
They boys took a selfie at a restaurant. They like eating out.

After Christmas, she bought a gingerbread train kit. They made it Friday night.
See how cute?
Much cuter with the artists holding their creations. Little Elvis' was the most decorated. He definitely believes that more is more, and takes any chance he can to put MSU into whatever he's doing. He made several ornaments at school before Christmas. All had some sort of MSU tie-in. My favorite was the gingerbread man football player. He drew a helmet on it and everything.

I'm sure Baby Plum just wanted to eat his. That child is a big fan of sweets. His favorite is chocolate, but he loves all things sweet. Except for the Cinnamon disks he used as wheels. That popped right back out of his mouth after he popped it in.

Cheese Puff has been fighting us on eating regular things, and we've pretty much given in since Wednesday. This morning, he ate apple slices and cut his eyes at me the whole time. I let him. It's not quite two weeks since the surgery, but he seemed to be handling it fine. We're keeping him away from pretzels and popcorn, but letting him eat just about everything else.


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I've never seen a gingerbread train! Very cool!

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