Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Hanging out with a fun boy

Cheese Puff has found my straw hats and vintage purses. He likes for us to don hats, grab our bags and go traveling.
We attempted a selfie. I'm not fond of them, but wanted to show off how he styled me with a vintage straw hat.
This sweet baby seems to like the cats. His older brothers don't. Slappy is not too fond of him. At least not yet.
 I was taking pictures of items to put up on ebay, and he helped me by asking that his picture be taken as well.
 Bob performed at his school on Monday. We didn't tell him. He was so excited when he saw us in his room. I wish I had the camera ready. His little mouth was a perfect "o."
 It was someone's birthday, so he was happy to stuff his little o mouth with a cupcake.
 Bob sang Christmas songs while the kids ate their cupcakes, and then Cheese Puff got up to do the Weather Wiggle.
 He's making rain.
 Maybe shoveling snow?
 Getting cues from Daddy.
 Taking a harmonica break.
 He's pretending to be just like mommy, and has curled up under three blankets. He's also doing the "land shark." I think it's something the Ole Miss defense does. Thankfully, Little Elvis wasn't home.
He missed his class party due to his surgery. But there are two sets of 2-year-old classes at his school. He goes on Monday and Wednesday. The other class meets on Tuesday and Thursday. They invited him to the Tuesday party, which was so kind. He didn't really know what to do with himself amidst all the new kids, but he ate some chips and waited patiently for his turn during the book exchange. He was very sweet. The assistant teacher talked about how laid back and sweet he was.
His teacher texted to make sure he was ok, and since he missed his class party, someone brought by his treats. How sweet is that? 


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