Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It's that time of year again....

When we try to get three children (dressed fairly nicely) to look at the camera and smile at the same time.

This is our first attempt. It pretty much sums up the boys, and I'm tempted to go with it. Little Elvis is mad, because we don't have three Christmas headgear thingies, just two. He's making his patented squinchy face that he makes whenever I say something he doesn't like. So, all the time. Baby Plum's trying to keep the peace -- a talent he's quickly losing as Cheese Puff gets older. And Cheese Puff looks like he's singing. Notice the orange sneakers? I told him to wear his other ones, but got the squinchy face.

Little Elvis has the hat, but Baby Plum is ok with it. Cheese Puff's gazing at something beautiful in the distance.
Little Elvis is no longer making a mean face, but he's not smiling yet.
Three different directions.
Best of the bunch, and it's fuzzy.
Baby Plum looks like he's posing for an ad for a musical.
Little Elvis choking Baby Plum with love.
We tried to get one during breakfast with Santa, but it doesn't really look good either. Gah. No one is getting what they asked for. Not exactly.

Little Elvis asked for Lego Movie legos. He's getting regular legos.
Baby Plum wants a Ninja Turtle costume. He doesn't watch the Ninja Turtles, and doesn't wear costumes. He's getting lots of random things I think he'll love.
Cheese Puff, in a show of solidarity with his older brother, also wants a Ninja Turtle. He also doesn't watch Ninja Turtles. This one is also getting things I think he'll love.

I farmed out the Ninja Turtle toy for Cheese Puff to one of my aunts. And to make amends to Baby Plum, I'm going to attempt to make Ninja Turtle masks out of felt. That way they kind of get what they asked for.

I wanted a nice Christmas picture....


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I love them all! Dare I say it - it seems like they might be getting better at posing??

11:45 PM  

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