Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tonsil free

Sweet baby Cheese Puff had his tonsils and adenoids removed this morning. He didn't really know what was going on, but was game for it.
My parents bought him special pjs for his big day, but we had to put him in a gown for the actual procedure.
Thankfully, they didn't make him wear the hat.
He was so good. He was hungry this morning, but didn't fuss too much when we didn't give him anything. His surgery was early, and we were happy about that. We didn't wait too long, and he got to watch some Mickey Mouse while waiting. We don't have that cable package anymore, so that was a big treat.

The doctor said he did a great job, and told us that while we knew his tonsils were huge, his adenoids were causing 70% blockage. This explains more of his breathing problems at night. He would go all day without a sniffle, and sound so stuffed every night.

He spent about an hour in recovery, and when the nurse wheeled him back, she told us that she thought about just keeping him with her because he was so cute and sweet. She may say that to everyone, but he is cute and sweet. He just wanted to snuggle when they brought him back, so I laid on his little bed and held him. He slept and snored. They said his snoring would be bad for a couple of days.

Cheese Puff's been pretty calm today. He pitched a big crying fit when we wouldn't let him eat dry cereal. We offered him lots of other options, and he finally settled on Gogurt and yogurt. When I was in junior high, I had to have surgery to put a button on one of my teeth. I remember crying because I wanted a fried chicken sandwich from Wendy's. I had a brand new hole in the roof of my mouth, and wanted to stuff it with crunchy bits of fried chicken. So, he came by that very naturally.

He wanted to play a sports game once Baby Plum got home from school, but we weren't supposed to let him. The doctor was adamant about not letting him rough house with his brothers. He wanted to pick up 17 pound Wally. He's not liking not being able to do what he wants. He can't even run. Poor little active baby.

I know that we're in the easy part right now. From what I understand, tomorrow and Friday will be very rough. But he's been such a sweet, little trouper. We're so proud of him.