Thursday, December 18, 2014

What about the other two?

I've neglected our two other boys on the blog this week. They've been busy.
Little Elvis wanted a stuffed bulldog for Christmas. He made this request late. Santa had already bought him too much. So, when I found one of these bulldogs at a local thrift place, I let him buy one with his own money. Wow, he loves this thing. He made it a welcome sign the second he got it home. Yay Bully!

In other news, Little Elvis was in two plays this week, and Baby Plum was in one of them and had a class performance. Did I take pictures of the one they were both in? No. Why? Because I forget things. Little Elvis was a cowboy, and Baby Plum was a horse. They did well.

The second play was Little Elvis' school play. He got to "introduce" the play, and then had two lines.
Here he is staring out of the curtains while waiting to introduce the play.
Baby Plum enjoyed sitting by his Daddy. This picture kind of shocked me. He looks so much like his Daddy in this shot. I've got a picture of Bob doing a similar pose somewhere.... It will never be found.
Introducing the play!

This play was cute, and he did a good job. We couldn't go to Baby Plum's program, because it was the morning of Cheese Puff's surgery. My dad and grandmother went. My dad shot video on his phone. Baby Plum completely ignored them, just like he ignores me when I visit! But he sang and did the dance steps very well. He even ignored Bob this morning. Bob played Christmas songs for Baby Plum's and Little Elvis' classes. Baby Plum wouldn't look at his daddy! Bob says he's just so shy that he doesn't want any extra attention. Who knows?

They are all out of school now. Bob's just about finished with the crown molding in the sunroom. I hope the boys will let us complete more projects, or maybe even help us do them!


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Sounds like they did awesome, shy or not! It's neat that the stage is turning into a family activity.

8:24 AM  

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