Thursday, January 29, 2015


Little Elvis and Baby Plum share a bedroom. But some nights, Little Elvis gets to be too much for Baby Plum, and he moves to our room. Sometimes he tells us, sometimes we just find him all snuggled up and cute.
Little Elvis doesn't go to sleep easily, and I think he wants to chatter. Baby Plum is younger, but also an easier sleeper. He doesn't need to chatter.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It took all 5 of us...

Last week, Little Elvis and Cheese Puff stayed home from school due to sickness. As is usually the case with Little Elvis, it hit him over night. It was bad, but by 4 or 5, he was over the worst of it. I had to keep him home, but he wasn't just sleeping. He was awake, feeling better with each passing minute.

By early afternoon, he was tired of playing Old Maid and Uno with his Mom and Cheese Puff. And I can't let him do video games for too long. He doesn't need to, and he gets so frustrated that I have to turn it off to save us. He likes to play his Disney Infinity. We can't figure out the point, but he likes to build cities, arenas, buildings, gas stations, etc. So, he just builds these big, complex worlds.

I decided once I took the video game away, to let him build a tangible building. He fought me. He didn't want to help me. So, I just started putting pieces down. I had no clue what I was doing, and the support on the roof killed me. In the end, we used most of his bricks and the whole family kicked in.
Here's the side view. It kind of looks like Pizza Hut, but Little Elvis had already named it the Steer something -- he put a steering wheel on the very top. It was a great name. I can't remember it. I'll ask him when he wakes up.
He staged the trees, the motorcycle and the people. There's a Genie floating behind one of the trees.
Then he decided one of the characters needed to be on the motorcycle. The white thing is the business sign.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Henry Winker

I couldn't pass up that title. It probably doesn't make sense to some, but Cheese Puff learned how to wink the other day. He was very proud of himself. Little Elvis winked at an early age. They must get it from Bob. I remember trying to teach myself how to wink, so I had to have been way older than three.

He's obviously going to be a lady-killer.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Pizza eyes

Little Elvis and Baby Plum have dark brown eyes like their daddy. Cheese Puff seems like he's going to have hazel eyes like mine. Our hazel eyes are green around the iris with brown around the edges.

We were discussing Cheese Puff having my eyes the other day in the car.

Little Elvis piped up, "I used to say that your eyes looked like pizzas!"

"What? I've never heard you say that," I said.

"Well, I thought it then."

There you go.  Apparently, my eyes resemble pizzas. Little Elvis does love pizza. He didn't say if they resembled pepperoni, cheese, or supreme versions. I hope he's not talking about our homemade pizzas, because they are kind of ugly and lopsided.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Sweet boys

 The boys seem to enjoy being back in school. I think. No one slept well last night. We kind of created a monster with Cheese Puff after his tonsillectomy.
 But it's so hard to be mean to that face when he appears by the bed at 4 in the morning, demanding food and drink. He's also loud when doing the demanding.
 We're trying yet another thing to stop the thumb-sucking. A friend recommended an elbow sleeve for tennis players. She used one with her daughter. She gave us theirs. It's kind of working. Maybe. Oh, I want it to. We realize the biggest thing is getting him to want to stop.
This one had to present a story board at school this week. He did it the wrong way. It was supposed to be the other direction, but he'd already started when I noticed that. He worked hard on it, and did the first Harry Potter book. We knew he wouldn't place, since it was going the wrong direction. But he worked very hard on it, and was proud of it. We're proud of him.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Yellow hooded pair

Baby Plum and Coachpa happened to be dressed alike the other day. I didn't even notice at first, but then my dad went outside and pulled up his hoodie. Baby Plum copied him. Don't they make a cute pair?

Boys getting along

Our Christmas break is almost over. The older two boys will go back to school tomorrow. But they've done a pretty good job playing together, and entertaining themselves. Not always. But sometimes.
We started work on another Little Elvis movie. It's called "Spies." We needed a dummy TV for the bad guy to watch a news report. The boys are coloring the "tv" together. See how sweet? I believe this was taken in the afternoon, but Cheese Puff loves pajamas. I let him wear them as clothes sometimes. It's easier than fighting.
Baby Plum got a couple of tougher puzzles for Christmas. He made it one morning, and we took a picture of all three boys posed on it.

Now, don't think they are the picture of sweetness and cooperation. They are getting along pretty well, but they also fight and annoy each other just to annoy each other. But, the nice moments are nice.