Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It took all 5 of us...

Last week, Little Elvis and Cheese Puff stayed home from school due to sickness. As is usually the case with Little Elvis, it hit him over night. It was bad, but by 4 or 5, he was over the worst of it. I had to keep him home, but he wasn't just sleeping. He was awake, feeling better with each passing minute.

By early afternoon, he was tired of playing Old Maid and Uno with his Mom and Cheese Puff. And I can't let him do video games for too long. He doesn't need to, and he gets so frustrated that I have to turn it off to save us. He likes to play his Disney Infinity. We can't figure out the point, but he likes to build cities, arenas, buildings, gas stations, etc. So, he just builds these big, complex worlds.

I decided once I took the video game away, to let him build a tangible building. He fought me. He didn't want to help me. So, I just started putting pieces down. I had no clue what I was doing, and the support on the roof killed me. In the end, we used most of his bricks and the whole family kicked in.
Here's the side view. It kind of looks like Pizza Hut, but Little Elvis had already named it the Steer something -- he put a steering wheel on the very top. It was a great name. I can't remember it. I'll ask him when he wakes up.
He staged the trees, the motorcycle and the people. There's a Genie floating behind one of the trees.
Then he decided one of the characters needed to be on the motorcycle. The white thing is the business sign.