Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A king of a trip!

For Christmas, Gram gave the older boys (and me) tickets to see the Lion King! We've been very excited. In the week leading up to the trip, the older boys were not content to sleep in their room at night. We let them both sleep in our room (they move pretty easily once asleep) the night before the big trip.

This is what we saw when we went to bed that night.
We spent the night before the play in the big city. We ate out at Red Robin, a favorite of both my mom and Little Elvis -- they love the endless fries.

Little Elvis barely ate. And he had one of his favorite meals in front of him. We found out why that night when he got sick. But luckily, it seemed to have been a one off. He felt much better by Saturday morning.
My mom wanted to try a different old-timey burger place on Saturday, and he was up for it. He ate about half of his burger, and some of Baby Plum's chicken. He finished the burger on Sunday.
 We had them pose in front of the restaurant, which opened in 1912 I believe.
 We had time to wander around downtown, and got the boys to pose in front of the Hard Rock CafĂ©.
 They also posed with a cool looking tiger. There are lots of tigers around this city.
There are also lots of Elvises... Elvi? Little Elvis did his best King of Rock n Roll impression in front of a big Elvis statue.

See the cards in the boys' hands? A little girl gave them Random Acts of Kindness valentines. They said to pass them on. Little Elvis wasn't really into it, but Baby Plum carefully chose people to give the cards to, and then worked up his courage to actually give them. It was very sweet. And he made the day for several people. It was very sweet, and definitely like him.
 Gram posing with the boys after the play.

Me with the boys during the performance. It was so great! The costumes were amazing, and super-cool. The actors were very talented -- even the kids. And it was a great experience. Little Elvis was definitely enthralled. Baby Plum was exhausted but kept rubbing his little eyes in an effort to stay awake. They had a great time. I told my mom that our upcoming presentation of the Aristocats would not be nearly as majestic.