Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Cutest of the cutie-cutes

I'm a little biased, and I kind of tell my children that they are the cutest and the sweetest all the time. Probably not supposed to, but I do. Cheese Puff loves to hear that he's the cutest cutie-cute. And he really is.
Poor baby was worn out the other day after much reading and game playing. It was actually afternoon, but Cheese Puff is a pajama type of boy.  He wears them all of the time. Whenever he's not in school, he's decked out in pajamas. We just let him.
Ok, can you see it? There's a tear in the corner of that eye. Why? He wanted to play the matching game that he wanted to play, but Baby Plum wanted to play a different matching game. Baby Plum asked first. They are both pain-in-the-bottom matching games. Pains because they have 48 cards for me to mix up, turn over and then place into some semblance of rows.
He was recovering some there.
Notice the different pajamas? They are his favorites. He calls them his super hero pajamas. They have the word Champ stenciled on the chest. No superhero. Whatever. That's his birthday party invitation. It's a Mickey Mouse pajama party. He invited 4 friends from school. I hope they are able to come.
See how cute? He loves Little Elvis' helmet as much as Little Elvis. Baby Plum almost tried it on, but then changed his mind. He won't try it again.