Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Gearing up for some busy weeks

I've been terrible about taking pictures. The boys are still cute. Little Elvis is finally growing some teeth to fill the holes he's had in his mouth for months.

Little Elvis and Baby Plum both decided to try out for the Spring play! We were kind of shocked that Baby Plum wanted to, but we're doing "The Aristocats." I say we, because I'm a co-director of this play. It makes me nervous, and I hope I'm being helpful enough to the other co-director. The performances are at the end of March. Little Elvis will be one of the Aristo-kitties. Baby Plum's going to be an orange Alley Cat. We're all excited.

Little Elvis' birthday party is this weekend. He's going to have a Lego party. I'm going to make cookies and a cake. The decorations are going to be minimal. I'm not planning games. We're just going to let them play. The boys helped me clean up some baseboards this afternoon, and they vacuumed our couch! I've learned that they like to be helpful when it's called, planning for a party. I will keep this in mind for Cheese Puff's party at the end of the month.

The boys are excited about all of the things going on! I need to take pictures, though.