Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Happy birthday sweet Cheese Puff

Our baby is now 3! He's pretty proud of being three. He had a small birthday party. We invited 4 friends from his preschool class, and none of them came. They didn't even RSVP! But luckily, we have some friends back in the neighborhood now, and one of them brought her daughter. With his brothers, he had three friends. He was fine with that.
It was a pajama party. I dressed in my pajamas, too. When my grandmother got here, she offered to snuggle with him while I got dressed!
My mom got him a stuffed Mike toy. He loves stuffed animals.
We made little Mickey Mouse cakes, because it worked last year. He didn't care.
He needed a little help blowing out his candle.
Little Elvis was happy to step in.
He loved his presents! My aunt got him a little game that he adores. We play it in the morning... in the afternoon... at night. He also LOVES matching games. Any type of memory game is good with him. He likes to sit with me and Baby Plum in the afternoon and watch us play Old Maid and Uno before Daddy and Little Elvis get home.
My grandmother got him a sweet little book. He likes it at night, when he's delaying bedtime. Look at that wild hair. We condition it like crazy, but it just frizzes up when he sleeps on it. My hair is straight as a board, and his brothers' hair didn't do this. I'm at a loss. We keep trying. He does not like me touching it when it's all frizzy.
Our neighborhood friends got him a ninja turtle that he loves.

Notice something missing from the pictures? Now that he's three, we're only letting him have his pacifier at night. He pitched a huge fit for a few minutes on Monday morning, and then cried a few times throughout the day. Yesterday he only asked for it a few times. Today, he didn't ask for it, except at night. Wish Baby Plum's thumb was so easy to take away.

This baby is sweet, and extremely snuggly. He still likes to snuggle, and I love that. He's extremely chatty, and can be outgoing, although not really with adults. He loves music and shakes his booty all of the time. He's funny. Tonight, Bob pulled Baby Plum's thumb out of his mouth. Cheese Puff scolded Daddy, and told him that he was being "ug-oo-ee." It was very cute.

He still likes for me to sing to him at night. His brothers were both out of that by this point. His current favorite is "Close to You" by the Carpenters. He calls it "Why do birds?" He loves this song, and wants it every night. It's sweet.

I'm not sure about his other favorites. He loves macaroni and cheese, corn, peas, most types of fruit, Cheerios, oatmeal, chips and pizza. He used to eat supreme pizza, but now he only eats cheese.

We all love this sweet little snuggle boy.