Thursday, February 19, 2015

Prepping for the threes

Cheese Puff turns "free" on Sunday. He's already been prepping.
This fit? Mommy wouldn't let him wear pajamas to Baby Plum's class Valentine party. I won that battle, but he's winning the war. He spends most of his time in pajamas.
When allowed to wear PJs, he's pretty sweet. Hence, Mommy letting him wear them whenever he's not going to school or a school party.
He had his class birthday celebration on Wednesday. His two older brothers had prepped me for this. You have to do store-bought at the pre-school. Big cupcakes are too big. Mini cupcakes don't get eaten either. They get thrown away. I tried doughnuts for Baby Plum last year. They also didn't get eaten. Then last month, Cheese Puff had some powdered doughnuts and went nuts for them. So, I got powdered doughnuts.
I'm not sure the teachers were impressed, until the kids actually ate the doughnuts! Only half of the class was there, but those boys ate his snack! Yay!
Most importantly, this baby loved it! He really enjoyed it. Hopefully, he will have as much fun at his birthday party on Saturday. He invited 4 friends from school, but we haven't heard from any of them. So, I asked a friend in the neighborhood to bring her daughters. One is a baby, the other is Baby Plum's age, and his friend. Cheese Puff will have fun. As long as I let him wear pajamas...


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