Wednesday, February 25, 2015


We got more than 7 inches of snow today! Seven! Where we live! Once we had about 4 inches of snow out, we met some neighbors and their kids for a little sledding down the hill.
This little guy was the only one of us with proper snow gear, thanks to us buying this for Little Elvis when we lived in Virginia. He hated the snow gear. It was so hard getting him into it! And it was also hard getting him into the fun.
He did enjoy the taste of the snow, though. Once we finally got him to sled, he didn't want to stop.
Baby Plum had fun sledding. He had to be talked into it. And he's usually my most adventurous boy.
Little Elvis had a blast. He's usually my least adventurous, but he took off sledding as soon as we were ready.
Bob finally took Cheese Puff sledding to show him how fun it was.

It was a lot of fun! We plan on building a snowman tomorrow.