Sunday, March 29, 2015

Fighting sleep

Cheese Puff has been having issues with sleeping. He's pretty much off naps, and by late afternoon he's a cranky boy. With all of the late nights with the play, it's been worse. He had a major meltdown over his beloved pajamas last night. But now that the play is over, I'm hoping to get us back to a regular sleep schedule.
Last week, he broke out of his room after Baby Plum fell asleep. He wanted to snuggle with Daddy.
But NOT have his picture taken.
He usually ends up joining us at some point during the night, and he was able to sleep in the other morning. Wally loved getting some extra snuggle time in.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My little kittens!

It's (finally!) almost play time! Our production of "Disney's The Aristocats Kids!" is this weekend. We do a free performance for 6th graders tomorrow. I'm excited, and think it will go well. The kids have worked very hard, as have LOTS of the parents. This is my first ever attempt at any sort of directing, and I'm really glad that I was able to share the duties with a co-director. There's so much that goes into plays! And wow, the things I didn't think we would encounter.

Anyway, we did an official dress rehearsal last night, complete with make-up. I took pictures of my two kittens.
Here's a close-up of Toulouse. Little Elvis is one of the Aristokittens. He even gets to sing a solo in this play. He looked sleepy in every picture we took. I will try better before our performance tomorrow.
Here's my cute little orange kitty.
Doesn't he look sweet? He's already got make-up all over his costume. We figured that alley cats would be dirty. Seriously, is he not the cutest kitten? You should see him dancing on the stage. He is so, so cute.
Here's a look at my Aristocat's costume. He will be wearing white gloves during the production. One of my aunts and my grandmother came to see the dress rehearsal last night. They said that Little Elvis was the best. Of course, I knew that. He does a good job with his character.
This little kitty wants to be in the play, and hates missing practices. My parents have been keeping him a lot. When he does come to play practice, he likes to get on stage, or hide in the seats. Cheese Puff knows every song, and we're pretty sure he will be singing them during the performances. He wants to sit with Daddy and my Aunt Laura. He calls her "Aunt WaWa." This was taken while we waiting in the carpool line this morning. It's so nice to have my camera with me!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Getting back into the swing of things

We are getting back into the swing of things after our "extended" Spring Break. Thanks to snow and ice, the boys didn't have to go to school the Thursday before Spring Break, and didn't have to start school until 10 the Friday before Spring Break.

We didn't do much over Spring Break. It rained most of every day. Not just rain on every day. Rain most of every day. It was gray, but not really cold.

The main accomplishment was painting Little Elvis' room. He's now in Cheese Puff's room, and Cheese Puff and Baby Plum are rooming together. We have been surprised at how the new rooming situation was welcomed, and at how well it seems to be going. I hope that by typing this, I'm not jinxing us.

Anyway, these pictures are from last month.
My sweet Baby Plum was sick. Look how sweet he is napping in his chair covered in Mommy's Snugli and facing a heater? I love the hand placement. He may not want to admit it, but this child is so much like his mommy. They mainly have their Daddy's ability to not mind cold, but every once in a while, Baby Plum likes to get snuggly like his Mommy.
I'm not sure if I posted this, but Little Elvis had to deliver a 3-part report on an important American of his choosing. He chose Thomas Edison, because they share a birthday. He wrote a 1 minute long speech, memorized it, and delivered it. He then did a big board about Edison, and dressed in a "tux" for that portion. He was supposed to answer questions.

We mainly found pictures to print off from the web, but he did draw a couple of things. He wanted to use a phonograph picture for the "o" in Thomas and a lightbulb for the "I" in Edison. And the tri-pod of the first video camera as the "a" in Alva.

He didn't want to, but he worked hard on this. This child likes to fuss about homework, even though this assignment was right up his alley -- history, speech, drawing, etc.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

It snowed again! And I waited a week to put pictures up!

Ok, this was actually sleet and ice, but it looks pretty. The sledding went much faster on the ice, and we didn't venture out to visit Gram and Coachpa this time.
Some brave soul did drive on the ice, but we just sledded.
They enjoyed it a little, but I think they liked the snow better. It was colder this time, and I thought it was scarier to walk.
Bob had to ride down with each boy this time. I wouldn't let them go by themselves.
Baby Plum making the trek back up the hill.
Little Elvis and Cheese Puff liked the sleet and ice better than Baby Plum.
They both went back out with their Daddy later in the day, while Baby Plum and Mommy stayed inside by the heater.
I made him hot chocolate, and decided that that was his favorite part of the snow. That, and getting a day home from school.

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

The mysteries of Baby Plum

Of our three boys, Baby Plum is the quietest. The poor thing is bookended by two chatterboxes. He doesn't seem to mind, though. He's a man of few words. But when he does speak, it's usually pretty funny.

The other day we had a picnic. Little Elvis wanted to run and throw his football. Baby Plum likes to eat. He told Little Elvis he couldn't play yet, because his coach was hungry. Little Elvis asked who his coach was, and Baby Plum said, "Me."

He won't talk to his teacher, but he's decided that one of the older boys in the play is cool, and he will talk with him. This boy is nice, and doesn't patronize or make fun of Baby Plum. Which is good.

Speaking of the play, we were working on choreography tonight, and he was so cute doing the dance steps! He's worn a hat the past two nights to practice, and he keeps his hat on for the most part.
This was his hat of choice last night. Notice the shoes? He still prefers to wear them on the wrong feet. And he likes to wear his shirts backwards for at least some of the day.

He's so quiet, but he does focus on things. The other day, we were watching "Despicable Me" (we were sick and Mommy was exhausted from the sickness) and he was standing in front of the screen patting his bottom. I had no clue what was up until I realized that he was trying to dance like one of the characters. He had been standing in front of the TV for several minutes in preparation for that dance.

He did it again at my parents later in the week, and they caught it on camera. It's after the video of him making a funny noise.

He's so funny.