Saturday, March 14, 2015

It snowed again! And I waited a week to put pictures up!

Ok, this was actually sleet and ice, but it looks pretty. The sledding went much faster on the ice, and we didn't venture out to visit Gram and Coachpa this time.
Some brave soul did drive on the ice, but we just sledded.
They enjoyed it a little, but I think they liked the snow better. It was colder this time, and I thought it was scarier to walk.
Bob had to ride down with each boy this time. I wouldn't let them go by themselves.
Baby Plum making the trek back up the hill.
Little Elvis and Cheese Puff liked the sleet and ice better than Baby Plum.
They both went back out with their Daddy later in the day, while Baby Plum and Mommy stayed inside by the heater.
I made him hot chocolate, and decided that that was his favorite part of the snow. That, and getting a day home from school.


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