Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My little kittens!

It's (finally!) almost play time! Our production of "Disney's The Aristocats Kids!" is this weekend. We do a free performance for 6th graders tomorrow. I'm excited, and think it will go well. The kids have worked very hard, as have LOTS of the parents. This is my first ever attempt at any sort of directing, and I'm really glad that I was able to share the duties with a co-director. There's so much that goes into plays! And wow, the things I didn't think we would encounter.

Anyway, we did an official dress rehearsal last night, complete with make-up. I took pictures of my two kittens.
Here's a close-up of Toulouse. Little Elvis is one of the Aristokittens. He even gets to sing a solo in this play. He looked sleepy in every picture we took. I will try better before our performance tomorrow.
Here's my cute little orange kitty.
Doesn't he look sweet? He's already got make-up all over his costume. We figured that alley cats would be dirty. Seriously, is he not the cutest kitten? You should see him dancing on the stage. He is so, so cute.
Here's a look at my Aristocat's costume. He will be wearing white gloves during the production. One of my aunts and my grandmother came to see the dress rehearsal last night. They said that Little Elvis was the best. Of course, I knew that. He does a good job with his character.
This little kitty wants to be in the play, and hates missing practices. My parents have been keeping him a lot. When he does come to play practice, he likes to get on stage, or hide in the seats. Cheese Puff knows every song, and we're pretty sure he will be singing them during the performances. He wants to sit with Daddy and my Aunt Laura. He calls her "Aunt WaWa." This was taken while we waiting in the carpool line this morning. It's so nice to have my camera with me!


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