Sunday, April 26, 2015

Presenting awards

Little Elvis had the opportunity to present a local award within our school district on Friday. He got the award for meeting his AR goal, and for being very outspoken. He did a great job. It was very cute.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Nooks and crannies

 Sweet Cheese Puff not only loves pajamas. He also loves nooks and crannies. He likes to snuggle into places.
 Like our ottoman with a lid.
 Here, he's just jumping around in the car.
 Here, he pulled out Little Elvis' bookcase (it's heavy!) and put two pillows down so he could snuggle in at nighttime.
 He's even got a flashlight pen!
 So excited about new sleeping nook.
 Still super excited. He's looking at his picture, and says he's pouting, but I just caught a funny face with my camera.
 Back to excitement.
 See how cozy?
He apparently feels like crying when pretending to sleep.

Cheese Puff is such a sweet, lovable little boy. He tells me he loves me all the time, and that he missed me when I left the room. But he tempers such sweetness with some pretty big fits. He really doesn't look like either of his brothers, mainly because of coloring I think. But when he's pitching a fit, he looks a lot like Little Elvis. It makes sense, I guess. We were shopping at the dollar tree the other day, and I heard the man checking us out tell someone one that's (meaning Cheese Puff) was why he didn't want grandkids yet! I wasn't offended. It was a big fit.

Oh, and he must have learned about behaviors being ugly at preschool. When anyone does something that he thinks isn't nice, he tells that person, "That's not nice. That's ug-oo-ee!"

Also, this child has decided he HATES sandals. He wants to wear socks and tennis shoes, but he takes them off whenever we're home. I resock and reshoe his feet several times a day.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Essays and goats

Little Elvis wrote a short essay for our paper about his tornado experience. I had to submit it with his picture. I decided to post it.
His little brothers wanted their pictures taken, too.
And Baby Plum dressed as a billy goat for a school tea party last week. His options were princesses, fairies, pigs or goats. He chose wisely. I was able to get a goat costume I made for a play last year out of the costume closet. I don't have many strings I can pull, but I can procure costumes. He seemed to like it.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Time traveling

Mere's husband, Bob, here with a quick cameo post. Mere got a bit of a breather this weekend as I took the boys up to Tennessee to my in-laws' cabin. Part of the motivation for the trip was a side excursion to the Coon Creek Nature Center -- about an hour away from the cabin. The older two boys made the trip with me early on Saturday, while Cheese Puff stayed at the cabin and fished with his Coachpa.

By way of background, the Coon Creek Nature Center is one of the properties owned by the Pink Palace Museum in Memphis. It just so happened that Saturday was "Family Day" at Coon Creek, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to check the place out.

Going into the day, I really didn't know what to expect. I told Little Elvis that we would be hunting for fossils and he was very excited at the prospect. Turns out, as I learned at the little orientation we had before heading for the fossil site, the whole region had been seafloor about 70 million years ago. The Coon Creek location had been part of a sandbar in relatively shallow water and thus was home to a lot of aquatic species. The grey sand of the sandbar was excellent material (matrix is the scientific terminology) to preserve the fragile shells.

After orientation, we had a short walk to the creek (did I mention that it was a perfect day weather-wise, sunny and around 70, and no bugs?), where we picked up chunks of matrix that volunteers had cut from the creek bed. Our task was to carefully pick through our chunks with plastic knives to see the surprises within.
Baby Plum was the cameraman. At this point in the adventure, he had tired of chiseling away at his chunk with a plastic knife (which he had somehow managed to cut himself with) and was more interested in playing with my iPad anyway. Little Elvis thought it was so cool that he was the first person to ever look at the creatures he was unearthing and that these critters hadn't seen the light of day for 70 million years (that's a lot for an 8 year-old brain to take in).

After a first pass with plastic knives, we did a more formal cleaning and Little Elvis wound up finding an excellent specimen of Tennessee's state fossil, Pterotrigonia, which is now prominently on display on a shelf in his bedroom.
All in all, it was well worth the hour's drive to travel back in time. I'm sure we'll be back to Coon Creek for the next "Family Day" if not sooner.

Monday, April 06, 2015

Booty talk

We have a joke on my side of the family about our backsides. We are blessed in that area. Baby Plum is built like my side of the family. Little Elvis takes after his Daddy. They often hear about how Little Elvis doesn't have a rear, but Baby Plum does.

While Baby Plum does have a bottom, he's still not big. I put him in some hand-me-down size 6 pants for Easter. He looked cute, and I didn't notice that they were too big in the waist.

We were sitting at church, and I realized how big his pants were, and told him he needed a belt. He said he didn't need a belt, because he had a big booty.

We thought it was funny, and just like our little middle boy. He doesn't get to talk much, since he's bookended by two chatterboxes, but when he does, it's usually pretty funny.

His current favorite book at the library? Chicken Cheeks, which is about every (nice) way to say butt.

Easter party fun

The boys had lots of Easter parties last week. I managed to take pictures at two of them.
The first was Cheese Puff's egg hunt at his pre-school. I was there, because I helped "organize" the party. This means I brought goody bags and drinks. The other mom went way more all out than I did. I figured this was her only baby's first Easter party. Um, no. She has 5 kids. She apparently just likes to go all out on class parties. Oh well. The kids didn't touch her fancy cupcakes, but they liked the cheese doodles in the carrot bags. Although, they didn't like the carrot bags, because they couldn't get the cheese doodles out. They were definitely done more for the parents' and teachers' sake. The kids liked their Capri Suns, so I didn't totally screw up the party.
Cheese Puff enjoyed searching for eggs.
I didn't dress him in his ugliest clothes that morning. He had an accident, and I tend to put the uglier clothes in the bag in case accidents happen. He looked very un-Eastery.
That evening, our neighborhood had and Easter party. Our neighborhood has LOTS more boys than girls. The boys got to stuff as many eggs as they could into their baskets.
Cheese Puff filled his at the younger kid area.
Baby Plum didn't really fill his, but he was thrilled to be out there.

Little Elvis more than filled his, but refused to put extra eggs into Baby Plum's basket.
One of our neighbors must have gotten the pajama set from "A Christmas Story," so he dressed up as the bunny.

It was fun. Baby Plum also had an Easter party for his class. I went. I sent eggs. I forgot my camera, and his Easter basket. I'm always forgetting something. He had fun as well, and of my kids, was the best one for me to forget the Easter basket. He's the most easy going of our bunch.

Little Elvis didn't get an Easter party (yay!) because some of the kids in his class acted up. He says he wasn't part of the problem, but I was fine not having to send more eggs and goodies.

Fun before the play

Catching up with some more pictures from the opening night of our play.
Cheese Puff so wanted to be a cat with his brothers. He loved singing along to the DVD in the car, while the other two got tired of it. He cried sometimes when I dropped him off at my parents, so I could take the rest of us to practice.
He was doing some of the dance steps here I think.
Bob took these shots before the play started last Friday night. These were the kids before their costumes were covered in the make-up. I am no longer a fan of stage make-up, although I don't know if I ever really was a fan.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Switching up rooms

We decided to switch up our room arrangement around Spring Break. Little Elvis gets a room to himself, while Baby Plum and Cheese Puff bunk up in the other room.

The rain was awful over Spring Break, but we managed to finish Little Elvis' room. I didn't want to buy paint, and my aunt had just given us several cans of bright colored paint. One of the colors was bright yellow. Golden yellow. We tried to figure out a way to use yellow in Little Elvis' room, and had a good idea -- we decided to give him a room dedicated to our local high school football team. It's colors are blue and gold.
We painted two walls that crazy yellow, and then taped out and painted a T. He loves it. I'm not finished with the room, and will do more pictures when we're done. He loves it. The "T" turned out really well. The other two boys seem to really enjoy rooming together. They let each other sleep. Their room isn't even halfway done.

We replaced our old carseats with a bigger boy booster that's supposed to last until Cheese Puff is ready to get out of one completely. Cheese Puff and Baby Plum had the best time playing with the old car seats the other day. They were buckling each other in, and then trying to unbuckle. They thought it was lots of fun.

Daddy visits Baby Plum's school

Bob was able to do his weather performance at Baby Plum's school last month. It went well. He spoke to about half of the school.
He sang his weather songs, and talked about air pressure.
He got Baby Plum up there to blow up the big bag. Here he is taking a deep breath.
He wasn't able to fill it up very much.
Then Daddy did it. He cheated, and used air from the room.
The kids really seemed to enjoy it.