Monday, April 06, 2015

Booty talk

We have a joke on my side of the family about our backsides. We are blessed in that area. Baby Plum is built like my side of the family. Little Elvis takes after his Daddy. They often hear about how Little Elvis doesn't have a rear, but Baby Plum does.

While Baby Plum does have a bottom, he's still not big. I put him in some hand-me-down size 6 pants for Easter. He looked cute, and I didn't notice that they were too big in the waist.

We were sitting at church, and I realized how big his pants were, and told him he needed a belt. He said he didn't need a belt, because he had a big booty.

We thought it was funny, and just like our little middle boy. He doesn't get to talk much, since he's bookended by two chatterboxes, but when he does, it's usually pretty funny.

His current favorite book at the library? Chicken Cheeks, which is about every (nice) way to say butt.


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