Monday, April 06, 2015

Easter party fun

The boys had lots of Easter parties last week. I managed to take pictures at two of them.
The first was Cheese Puff's egg hunt at his pre-school. I was there, because I helped "organize" the party. This means I brought goody bags and drinks. The other mom went way more all out than I did. I figured this was her only baby's first Easter party. Um, no. She has 5 kids. She apparently just likes to go all out on class parties. Oh well. The kids didn't touch her fancy cupcakes, but they liked the cheese doodles in the carrot bags. Although, they didn't like the carrot bags, because they couldn't get the cheese doodles out. They were definitely done more for the parents' and teachers' sake. The kids liked their Capri Suns, so I didn't totally screw up the party.
Cheese Puff enjoyed searching for eggs.
I didn't dress him in his ugliest clothes that morning. He had an accident, and I tend to put the uglier clothes in the bag in case accidents happen. He looked very un-Eastery.
That evening, our neighborhood had and Easter party. Our neighborhood has LOTS more boys than girls. The boys got to stuff as many eggs as they could into their baskets.
Cheese Puff filled his at the younger kid area.
Baby Plum didn't really fill his, but he was thrilled to be out there.

Little Elvis more than filled his, but refused to put extra eggs into Baby Plum's basket.
One of our neighbors must have gotten the pajama set from "A Christmas Story," so he dressed up as the bunny.

It was fun. Baby Plum also had an Easter party for his class. I went. I sent eggs. I forgot my camera, and his Easter basket. I'm always forgetting something. He had fun as well, and of my kids, was the best one for me to forget the Easter basket. He's the most easy going of our bunch.

Little Elvis didn't get an Easter party (yay!) because some of the kids in his class acted up. He says he wasn't part of the problem, but I was fine not having to send more eggs and goodies.


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