Thursday, April 23, 2015

Nooks and crannies

 Sweet Cheese Puff not only loves pajamas. He also loves nooks and crannies. He likes to snuggle into places.
 Like our ottoman with a lid.
 Here, he's just jumping around in the car.
 Here, he pulled out Little Elvis' bookcase (it's heavy!) and put two pillows down so he could snuggle in at nighttime.
 He's even got a flashlight pen!
 So excited about new sleeping nook.
 Still super excited. He's looking at his picture, and says he's pouting, but I just caught a funny face with my camera.
 Back to excitement.
 See how cozy?
He apparently feels like crying when pretending to sleep.

Cheese Puff is such a sweet, lovable little boy. He tells me he loves me all the time, and that he missed me when I left the room. But he tempers such sweetness with some pretty big fits. He really doesn't look like either of his brothers, mainly because of coloring I think. But when he's pitching a fit, he looks a lot like Little Elvis. It makes sense, I guess. We were shopping at the dollar tree the other day, and I heard the man checking us out tell someone one that's (meaning Cheese Puff) was why he didn't want grandkids yet! I wasn't offended. It was a big fit.

Oh, and he must have learned about behaviors being ugly at preschool. When anyone does something that he thinks isn't nice, he tells that person, "That's not nice. That's ug-oo-ee!"

Also, this child has decided he HATES sandals. He wants to wear socks and tennis shoes, but he takes them off whenever we're home. I resock and reshoe his feet several times a day.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a nice smile. All the boys have nice teeth and they are baby teeth but chances are the next set will not require extensive correction.
Grandpa Stew

1:55 PM  

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