Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Baby Plum, our cute little one-eared bunny

Baby Plum's end of year performance was this morning. He was in a cute little musical. His class wore bunny ears and jumped for their part.
He's the only one with a flipped down ear.
He worked it, though. Isn't he cute?
He's so shy (or something, maybe not shy) that he wouldn't look at us for the longest.
But he was fine singing the songs with the other kids.
And attempted to hop, but his ears didn't really let him. He tried to jump and hold them at the same time.
He was so serious. So sweet. The music teacher sat in front of them, and he was very focused on her.
What a sweet, cute little bunny!

I say not shy, because two kids bawled when it was time for their class turn. He's fine performing as a group. He just doesn't like lots of individual attention in groups. He's the complete opposite of Little Elvis.