Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Riding horses, modeling, singing and baking

Cheese Puff got the chance to ride a run old-timey horse at a local store last week. He enjoyed it. He was so cute. He also modeled some pajamas for them, of course.

He was a little shy, but it's amazing what 2 bags of fruit snacks can do for that boy.
 The boys also sang and danced at church.
 They did a great job. Baby Plum spent the whole song watching Cheese Puff. He's such a sweet older brother.
That afternoon, Baby Plum helped us bake cupcakes with the Pinkalicious cookbook we checked out at the library. I told him he wouldn't want a pink cookbook, but he swore that he did. Little Elvis fussed, but the cupcakes were delicious. We will save the recipe for his birthday cupcakes.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Baby Plum looks like the sweetest kid, and not just because of the cupcakes! ;-)

8:14 AM  

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