Saturday, May 02, 2015

Featured in the paper!

Little Elvis loves attention. He fits his nickname very well. He wrote a short essay that was featured in our local paper this week. It was about his tornado experience. We had to keep on him to get it written, but it did get written and he was so happy to see his picture, name and story in the paper.

Here's the online edition.

“When the tornado hit, I was at Ms. Kathryn’s basement. There were eight kids, six adults and one dog trying to squeeze into one bathroom.

“I saw signs that the tornado was hitting, like the lights going on and off until it was a complete blackout. No electricity.
“When the tornado passed over, there were barely any trees. Ms. Kathryn’s car was badly damaged. My friend Jackson’s house was damaged. The blue house (which I claim is haunted) was torn down.
“We lost all of our electricity, so we had to stay at our grandparents’ house for a week.
“One more thing, after the tornado, we built a sunroom.
“I am glad I was safe, but most of all, I am glad my family is safe.”
He wrote it by himself. I did edit it to leave out the part about a restaurant (that he's never been to) that was destroyed. But it's all him.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

This is super! I love the part about "which I claim is haunted..." Such perspective!

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