Thursday, May 21, 2015

Give Little Elvis a "T"!

I showed pictures of Baby Plum and Cheese Puff's room first, but we finished Little Elvis' room before theirs. His was easier. My aunt gave us a gallon of golden yellow paint. I wanted to save money, so we came up with the idea of giving our big football fan a room dedicated to the local high school -- their colors are blue and gold.
The logo is a big tilted "T." So, we did it. He didn't have a headboard, but I think the T works nicely. He's also got a pillow made from one of my dad's t-shirts. My dad was the athletic director of the high school, so he had some swag we could use... the T flag we hung over the world map. Little Elvis loves that world map. He did the drawing of the tiger on the other side of the window.
He also did the drawing on that wall. I have no clue what it is... a tree? He decided to keep some of his street signs from his other room. And he had to keep the red dresser. I wasn't re-doing it.
Here's my proud boy showing off his room.
He also got to keep the blue chair. It fit better. The cornice boards in his room were made out of bamboo placemats. Sometimes I get a little overly crafty.


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