Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Preps

I didn't take pictures on Mother's Day, but I took some the week before of our preps for Mother's Day.
I had set out this little grapevine wreath to do something with, and Slappy decided it made the perfect nap spot. She loved it. I took it on Saturday, though. She's got to find a new little nest.
It fit her well, though. Don't you think?
My mom likes to remind the boys that she's number one, so we focused on that for her Mother's Day card.
The younger boys colored her brown paper wrapping paper. I loved that they used both hands.
I finally cut a good bit off of Cheese Puff's hair, it was like straw, and it looks so cute! I'm so happy with it. He loves to ask me if I think his hair is cute now. It's funny what he picks up on.

Anyway, it was a nice mother's day. I hope Gram liked what we got for her. I think she liked the card.