Thursday, May 21, 2015

MSU bathroom

We (ok, I) decided the duck bathroom was a little too young for our growing boys, so I wanted to update it. I asked the boys what "theme" they'd like, and Little Elvis yelled "Mississippi State!" Great. I had already decided to use some leftover green paint, and MSU is maroon and white. We did the best we could.
We only had to paint the top half of the room. And we made the roman shade with leftover material from the sunroom shades. I thought it matched well. I still needed to make it MSU, so I put my "artists" to work.
Little Elvis drew a bulldog. It's angry.
We did MSU with legos, and then printed it out in black and white, since the Lego board was green.
Baby Plum wrote MSU and then drew a paw print.

We still call it the duck bathroom, because the Mississippi State bathroom is a mouthful. Maybe the bulldog bathroom? Sometimes I say boys' bathroom, but they just look confused when I do that.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Hehe! Very sneaky on the MSU incorporation! I love you are including all sorts of kids artwork and their help. "Duck" bathroom rolls of the tongue nicely, but I'm sure you never thought you were naming it that FOREVER when you initially made it a duck bathroom, right?

1:33 AM  

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