Wednesday, May 06, 2015

That Baby Plum!

Baby Plum is certainly starting to come more into his own. In some ways it's great. He's funny. He's silly. He's still pretty easy going and willing to be helpful if needed.

He's also not an open book. He rarely tells us anything about school. He was the star student a couple of weeks ago. He told us on Thursday. Very nonchalantly.  We have no idea about what's going on with him at school, although he will talk about his friends. Especially to his brothers.

If you ask Cheese Puff who he played with at his school, he will name Baby Plum's friends.

So, he's quiet. But sweet. Shy. But friendly. He still sucks his thumb. We battle it. Some days, it seems on the wane. Other days, it's definitely not.

We love him. All his silly, goofy, stubborn sweetness.