Monday, June 22, 2015

That's a pretty good Father's Day

Bob here -- Meredith's husband -- for a cameo post in commemoration of Father's Day. My day started with a hearty breakfast of banana French toast -- while Mere did most of the cooking, Baby Plum did help with the prep work in making the banana bread yesterday. He's a funny little boy -- he likes to be a helper, especially in the kitchen and is as sweet as the syrup that flowed over the French toast.

I got a new wallet as a present and it was kinda fun to stroll down amnesia lane this morning as I had to resize photos of the boys in order to fit the photo sleeve in the new wallet. To be perfectly honest, I have a hard time remembering which boy was which at the very young ages -- for years, I've told Meredith that all babies look like Ed Asner.

We spent the afternoon at Meredith's parents' home. I watched golf (US Open) while Cheese Puff napped in my lap -- does it get any better than that?!?

Which one is cuter? Is there any contest?

After a dinner of burgers (my favorite -- thanks Janie!) we wrapped up the day with swimming. Little Elvis is getting to be such a confident swimmer -- he can touch the bottom at the deep end of the pool, does front and back flips in the water and is starting to learn to dive from the diving board. Baby Plum made great strides this evening -- jumping off the diving board and swimming on his own to the ladder. Cheese Puff confidently motors all over the pool in his floaty jacket -- we're working with him to wean him from the flotation devices. Much like trying to wean him from his pacifier, it's a work in progress . . . .
Got home in time to catch the end of the US Open . . . and what a finish it was! All in all, a terrific Father's Day. I'm such a lucky guy!
(Meredith edit: Bob didn't mention two of the Father's Day presents he got. I let Baby Plum and Cheese Puff pick out something for him at the $ store yesterday. Cheese Puff got him a water gun, because he was bad need of one. And Baby Plum got him a Diet Coke with Baby Plum's name on it. Once we got to my parents' house, Cheese Puff decided to re-gift the water gun to my dad. We'll have to perfect the gift-giving I think.)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

All of our boys

Little Elvis found my camera the other morning. When I downloaded the pictures, I was surprised to find 41 pictures on it.  He took possibly his first selfie. Of course.
 He also took several pictures of the floor, and this lovely profile shot of Baby Plum.
 I took this photo of the new best friends in our house. Cheese Puff loves Wally. Wally tolerates Cheese Puff. Mainly because Wally is a lazy cat. A very lazy cat. Cheese Puff was hugging Wally, and I asked them to stay like that while I ran to find the camera. It took me a bit, but they waited.
Cheese Puff said Wally needed a solo shot, too. See how happy Wally is? He loves all of this new affection.

Last week, the boys decided to help Wally take a nap. They prepared the chair that he was already in by waking him up and laying toys around him. Then they encouraged him to nap. They finally lost interest, and he was able to go back to his nap.

Slappy refuses to be caught by the boys. They love to chase her, though.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Weather camp

Bob performed at a local weather camp last week. We took all of the boys for the set up. I don't know if any of us were very helpful to him, though.
The kids were very well behaved and seemed to have a good time. He played the banjo for the "Weather Riddle Song." He's wearing his "fair-weather" jacket that I made him.
But it was too hot to keep the jacket on, even though it is a lightweight one.
He showed the kids about air pressure and the importance of geography.
His tornado in a box and mind-control over a floating ketchup packet were the big hits I think.
He also brought out his trusty accordion, because that is another example of air pressure. Baby Plum's seen the shows before, but got a lot out of this one. He took a hand-held barometer everywhere with him that entire day. I had to tell him not to take it in the pool. (Bob had mentioned to the kids that pressure changes when you're underwater.)

Sunday, June 14, 2015

This is how we do it

What do you have to have before heading out the door in the morning?
If you're Baby Plum, you have to have your briefcase ("luggage") a random fact book of your older brother's, and ear muffs. It only gets to about 90 degrees in the morning around here, so those earmuffs are a necessity. They don't fit well, so he has to walk around with shoulders at his ears when he wears them. He's been obsessed with that briefcase this week. He takes it swimming, to my parents' house, wherever. And he puts it under his feet in the car, so he has no leg room. He usually has two or three small toys tucked inside.
This boy wanted his picture made the other day, and made his stinky face for the camera. He blinked since the flash was so close.
So, this picture was my stab at creative decorating. The Mississippi State bathroom needed something Mississippi State that was big. I decided to dress the boys in their MSU gear and give them props, and then get them to cheer like the Bulldogs had just scored a touchdown. This was my best shot. (Baby Plum's in his only maroon shirt -- his soccer jersey from last year. Poor thing doesn't have any MSU clothes at the moment.) I ordered a poster of this picture online, and we put it on the big bare wall in the bathroom. It looks cute. I went black and white, since maroon and green aren't the greatest color combo. It looks fun. The boys seem pleased. Bob loves Cheese Puff's expression. I have one more little frame that we can put in that bathroom. I'll have to get Cheese Puff to do some art for that frame. Then their bathroom will be complete!

Artsy entrepreneuers

The boys have continued trying to raise money for the local charity. They sold their pancake mix fairly quickly, so we thought their next attempt would be as successful. It's not been, but I'm sure we aren't marketing well.

For their next money-raising scheme, they decorated greeting cards. Since we're not the most artistic family, I decided to find easy, graphic things for them to do.
We ended up using toilet paper rolls and coke bottles dipped in paint to decorate the cards.
Baby Plum was my most willing artist. Little Elvis complains about everything, even if it's something easy and fun. He always has to be convinced. I told him he wanted credit for stuff, so he should do it. Baby Plum yelled, "I want credit! I want credit!" Oh well. There goes that lesson.
I included this picture for the pouting 3-year-old in the background. See that lip?
He got to help, although I tried to hold his hand as much as he would let me.
They decided to decorate the backs of most of the envelopes with smiley faces.
Baby Plum did these cards. He did different colors on each card.
This is a coke bottle flower. I think it turned out nicely. Little Elvis drew the stem and used his thumb as the center of the flower.
I was tired of toilet paper rolls and coke bottles for the last set of cards, so I found a set of Mardi Gras beads, and let Little Elvis dip them into the left over paint.
Here's how their cards looked once I tied them up. I think they turned out well. The boys have sold two packs, so they have four left. After that, we'll do the pancake mix again. My mom says the boys need to try to sell to our elderly neighbors who write cards. She says Little Elvis needs to work on his salesmanship. He says he wants to be a director, so he doesn't need to do that. I tried to get him to try to sell some this morning. Instead, he tried to get a cast together for his upcoming movie. Oh well.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Way late on this one

For each of the boys' birthdays, I usually get pictures made. Last year, I was late on Little Elvis' and Cheese Puff's pictures. They should have been made in February, but I botched Cheese Puff's haircut. This year I waited, because I wanted Little Elvis' teeth to grow in. He had the opposite of a vampire smile for a while. They finally grew in, and our local photo place had closed. I have no clue when. We do the cheap portraits at the department store. Not anymore. So... we attempted to do it by ourselves.
Little Elvis whined. I made him put on pants. Can you believe I would expect him to wear pants for a photograph?
We pulled all of his Mississippi State stuff out of his bedroom and put it on the bookshelf in our living room. It worked out I guess.
Cheese Puff had it worse. Poor baby had to wear a sweater and cords in the heat. Why? His brothers wore the same outfit in their three year old pictures. I did let him have Doggy in his pictures.
He was very agreeable. I decided to sit him on our sofa, because I couldn't take our baby out in the stifling heat in his little getup.

We ordered pictures online and should have them this week. Maybe us doing the pictures ourselves won't be such a bad thing.... then again, I guess we could just stick with school portraits.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Our little olympians!

Our church had a "Kool Kids Olympics" last weekend. Our little Olympians had a lot of fun.
Who wears pajamas and brings his doggy to compete?
Cheese Puff! (Daddy got to hold Doggy for most of the event.)
The kids gathered for the opening ceremony.
Cheese Puff did hold doggy while he bowled. He didn't really get the concept. They like to bowl with our xbox 360, mainly because they like to try to break the floor with the bowling ball. Their goal with that game isn't necessarily to knock down pins.
Baby Plum had the same concept... throw the ball hard, and behind the pins. Oh well.
Little Elvis decided to partake of the free sunglasses early on.
As for the actual competitions... Baby Plum was up first. He's not the fastest, but the child can be coached. He follows orders very well. (rules.... not so much)
He placed second on the cones part. That's what he called the competition. I called it serpentine. He was a good bit shorter than the boy he ran against twice, but that boy couldn't follow the directions. Baby Plum could. Yay Baby Plum!
Little Elvis came in fourth for two competitions, so no medal for them. For the final, I feel like he got confused. He still might not have placed, but he didn't really have a chance. He wanted to pitch a fit, but he held off. His best buddy at church beat him out, and won most of the competitions. I thought Little Elvis was being a bad sport, but he said he wasn't. They sat by each other to enjoy their ice cream, so hopefully he was nice. Boys probably don't hold grudges anyway.

I'm glad they had fun.

Saturday, June 06, 2015

Mostly happy boy

Cheese Puff is a mostly happy little boy. He loves to tell jokes, make funny faces, play with his brothers, eat lots of fruit, etc. As long as we do what he wants, when he wants, he's happy.
See? Wearing hot pajamas in June in Mississippi. He's happy. We're letting him get his way.
Look at that smile. It's easy to see why we give in.
But, when we don't, he pokes out his bottom lip, lowers his head, and slinks away. It's pitiful, but also very funny.

Today, we took the boys out to eat for lunch. They all played before we ate. After, Baby Plum and Cheese Puff went back to play while Little Elvis read the book he brought. A few minutes later, Baby Plum came back out. Cheese Puff was behind him with his head ducked down whining that he wanted to play for 10 minutes, not 5. I was at a loss. I didn't tell him not to play, but he felt he needed Baby Plum. I asked Little Elvis if he'd play with him, and he shrugged and said, "Sure." Both boys ran off, and the people next to us laughed. They said their son would have let the younger one cry.

We're all guilty of giving into that grin.

Monday, June 01, 2015


I love summer for lots of reasons. It's hot, and I like hot. Bob's mostly off, so we get to spend more time together. And I get to do projects that I don't get to do during the school year! He does as well, and sometimes I'm able to help. But he may not let me re-seed the lawn anymore. We did that his first week off, and his side is doing really well. My side had to be re-seeded last week. I think I was too skimpy with the seeds.

But, there are other projects that I feel more competent doing. I had a set of 6 kid-sized wooden chairs that were in a room damaged by the tornado. The chairs were fine. I've had them for about a year. I finally set to work on them. I'm hoping to sell them. Instead of raising money, I'm wanting to keep it. Little Elvis disagrees. I feel I've given plenty. It will be moot if I can't sell them.

There are only pictures of 5 chairs, because one was actually pretty damaged.
 I did two chairs in shiny silver with a blue circle pattern on the ladder rungs across the back.
 Baby Plum decided to model how well they sit for me. I will be so excited when he stops smiling like a bulldog.
 I did one chair is royal blue with the same pattern.
 Baby Plum was once again happy to model how well it sits.
 Little Elvis and Cheese Puff modeled my final two chairs. A light blue and bright pink chair with a multi-colored chevron pattern on the backs.

This isn't a great picture of the cute pattern...
 These are a little better...
I think they turned out pretty well. I hope there's some interest.
Now that those are done, I'm tackling our kitchen table, chairs and bench. That will be a much longer and bigger project. I have big plans. I hope they turn out to look as great in real life as they do in my mind.