Thursday, June 18, 2015

All of our boys

Little Elvis found my camera the other morning. When I downloaded the pictures, I was surprised to find 41 pictures on it.  He took possibly his first selfie. Of course.
 He also took several pictures of the floor, and this lovely profile shot of Baby Plum.
 I took this photo of the new best friends in our house. Cheese Puff loves Wally. Wally tolerates Cheese Puff. Mainly because Wally is a lazy cat. A very lazy cat. Cheese Puff was hugging Wally, and I asked them to stay like that while I ran to find the camera. It took me a bit, but they waited.
Cheese Puff said Wally needed a solo shot, too. See how happy Wally is? He loves all of this new affection.

Last week, the boys decided to help Wally take a nap. They prepared the chair that he was already in by waking him up and laying toys around him. Then they encouraged him to nap. They finally lost interest, and he was able to go back to his nap.

Slappy refuses to be caught by the boys. They love to chase her, though.


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