Saturday, June 06, 2015

Mostly happy boy

Cheese Puff is a mostly happy little boy. He loves to tell jokes, make funny faces, play with his brothers, eat lots of fruit, etc. As long as we do what he wants, when he wants, he's happy.
See? Wearing hot pajamas in June in Mississippi. He's happy. We're letting him get his way.
Look at that smile. It's easy to see why we give in.
But, when we don't, he pokes out his bottom lip, lowers his head, and slinks away. It's pitiful, but also very funny.

Today, we took the boys out to eat for lunch. They all played before we ate. After, Baby Plum and Cheese Puff went back to play while Little Elvis read the book he brought. A few minutes later, Baby Plum came back out. Cheese Puff was behind him with his head ducked down whining that he wanted to play for 10 minutes, not 5. I was at a loss. I didn't tell him not to play, but he felt he needed Baby Plum. I asked Little Elvis if he'd play with him, and he shrugged and said, "Sure." Both boys ran off, and the people next to us laughed. They said their son would have let the younger one cry.

We're all guilty of giving into that grin.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Sweet! Sounds like he's got the system figured out with that smile. ;-)

12:34 AM  

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