Thursday, June 11, 2015

Our little olympians!

Our church had a "Kool Kids Olympics" last weekend. Our little Olympians had a lot of fun.
Who wears pajamas and brings his doggy to compete?
Cheese Puff! (Daddy got to hold Doggy for most of the event.)
The kids gathered for the opening ceremony.
Cheese Puff did hold doggy while he bowled. He didn't really get the concept. They like to bowl with our xbox 360, mainly because they like to try to break the floor with the bowling ball. Their goal with that game isn't necessarily to knock down pins.
Baby Plum had the same concept... throw the ball hard, and behind the pins. Oh well.
Little Elvis decided to partake of the free sunglasses early on.
As for the actual competitions... Baby Plum was up first. He's not the fastest, but the child can be coached. He follows orders very well. (rules.... not so much)
He placed second on the cones part. That's what he called the competition. I called it serpentine. He was a good bit shorter than the boy he ran against twice, but that boy couldn't follow the directions. Baby Plum could. Yay Baby Plum!
Little Elvis came in fourth for two competitions, so no medal for them. For the final, I feel like he got confused. He still might not have placed, but he didn't really have a chance. He wanted to pitch a fit, but he held off. His best buddy at church beat him out, and won most of the competitions. I thought Little Elvis was being a bad sport, but he said he wasn't. They sat by each other to enjoy their ice cream, so hopefully he was nice. Boys probably don't hold grudges anyway.

I'm glad they had fun.


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