Monday, June 01, 2015


I love summer for lots of reasons. It's hot, and I like hot. Bob's mostly off, so we get to spend more time together. And I get to do projects that I don't get to do during the school year! He does as well, and sometimes I'm able to help. But he may not let me re-seed the lawn anymore. We did that his first week off, and his side is doing really well. My side had to be re-seeded last week. I think I was too skimpy with the seeds.

But, there are other projects that I feel more competent doing. I had a set of 6 kid-sized wooden chairs that were in a room damaged by the tornado. The chairs were fine. I've had them for about a year. I finally set to work on them. I'm hoping to sell them. Instead of raising money, I'm wanting to keep it. Little Elvis disagrees. I feel I've given plenty. It will be moot if I can't sell them.

There are only pictures of 5 chairs, because one was actually pretty damaged.
 I did two chairs in shiny silver with a blue circle pattern on the ladder rungs across the back.
 Baby Plum decided to model how well they sit for me. I will be so excited when he stops smiling like a bulldog.
 I did one chair is royal blue with the same pattern.
 Baby Plum was once again happy to model how well it sits.
 Little Elvis and Cheese Puff modeled my final two chairs. A light blue and bright pink chair with a multi-colored chevron pattern on the backs.

This isn't a great picture of the cute pattern...
 These are a little better...
I think they turned out pretty well. I hope there's some interest.
Now that those are done, I'm tackling our kitchen table, chairs and bench. That will be a much longer and bigger project. I have big plans. I hope they turn out to look as great in real life as they do in my mind.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

I like them! My favorite is the royal blue. It's so cool that you are getting a chance to create!

2:22 PM  

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