Monday, June 22, 2015

That's a pretty good Father's Day

Bob here -- Meredith's husband -- for a cameo post in commemoration of Father's Day. My day started with a hearty breakfast of banana French toast -- while Mere did most of the cooking, Baby Plum did help with the prep work in making the banana bread yesterday. He's a funny little boy -- he likes to be a helper, especially in the kitchen and is as sweet as the syrup that flowed over the French toast.

I got a new wallet as a present and it was kinda fun to stroll down amnesia lane this morning as I had to resize photos of the boys in order to fit the photo sleeve in the new wallet. To be perfectly honest, I have a hard time remembering which boy was which at the very young ages -- for years, I've told Meredith that all babies look like Ed Asner.

We spent the afternoon at Meredith's parents' home. I watched golf (US Open) while Cheese Puff napped in my lap -- does it get any better than that?!?

Which one is cuter? Is there any contest?

After a dinner of burgers (my favorite -- thanks Janie!) we wrapped up the day with swimming. Little Elvis is getting to be such a confident swimmer -- he can touch the bottom at the deep end of the pool, does front and back flips in the water and is starting to learn to dive from the diving board. Baby Plum made great strides this evening -- jumping off the diving board and swimming on his own to the ladder. Cheese Puff confidently motors all over the pool in his floaty jacket -- we're working with him to wean him from the flotation devices. Much like trying to wean him from his pacifier, it's a work in progress . . . .
Got home in time to catch the end of the US Open . . . and what a finish it was! All in all, a terrific Father's Day. I'm such a lucky guy!
(Meredith edit: Bob didn't mention two of the Father's Day presents he got. I let Baby Plum and Cheese Puff pick out something for him at the $ store yesterday. Cheese Puff got him a water gun, because he was bad need of one. And Baby Plum got him a Diet Coke with Baby Plum's name on it. Once we got to my parents' house, Cheese Puff decided to re-gift the water gun to my dad. We'll have to perfect the gift-giving I think.)