Sunday, June 14, 2015

This is how we do it

What do you have to have before heading out the door in the morning?
If you're Baby Plum, you have to have your briefcase ("luggage") a random fact book of your older brother's, and ear muffs. It only gets to about 90 degrees in the morning around here, so those earmuffs are a necessity. They don't fit well, so he has to walk around with shoulders at his ears when he wears them. He's been obsessed with that briefcase this week. He takes it swimming, to my parents' house, wherever. And he puts it under his feet in the car, so he has no leg room. He usually has two or three small toys tucked inside.
This boy wanted his picture made the other day, and made his stinky face for the camera. He blinked since the flash was so close.
So, this picture was my stab at creative decorating. The Mississippi State bathroom needed something Mississippi State that was big. I decided to dress the boys in their MSU gear and give them props, and then get them to cheer like the Bulldogs had just scored a touchdown. This was my best shot. (Baby Plum's in his only maroon shirt -- his soccer jersey from last year. Poor thing doesn't have any MSU clothes at the moment.) I ordered a poster of this picture online, and we put it on the big bare wall in the bathroom. It looks cute. I went black and white, since maroon and green aren't the greatest color combo. It looks fun. The boys seem pleased. Bob loves Cheese Puff's expression. I have one more little frame that we can put in that bathroom. I'll have to get Cheese Puff to do some art for that frame. Then their bathroom will be complete!


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