Saturday, June 13, 2015

Way late on this one

For each of the boys' birthdays, I usually get pictures made. Last year, I was late on Little Elvis' and Cheese Puff's pictures. They should have been made in February, but I botched Cheese Puff's haircut. This year I waited, because I wanted Little Elvis' teeth to grow in. He had the opposite of a vampire smile for a while. They finally grew in, and our local photo place had closed. I have no clue when. We do the cheap portraits at the department store. Not anymore. So... we attempted to do it by ourselves.
Little Elvis whined. I made him put on pants. Can you believe I would expect him to wear pants for a photograph?
We pulled all of his Mississippi State stuff out of his bedroom and put it on the bookshelf in our living room. It worked out I guess.
Cheese Puff had it worse. Poor baby had to wear a sweater and cords in the heat. Why? His brothers wore the same outfit in their three year old pictures. I did let him have Doggy in his pictures.
He was very agreeable. I decided to sit him on our sofa, because I couldn't take our baby out in the stifling heat in his little getup.

We ordered pictures online and should have them this week. Maybe us doing the pictures ourselves won't be such a bad thing.... then again, I guess we could just stick with school portraits.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Oh boy, have I mentioned how much I like curls? The photos look good online! Crossing my fingers that the paper version works out as well!

4:43 AM  

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