Friday, July 31, 2015

Grandpa Stew visit

Grandpa Stew came for a visit at the end of our neighborhood summer camp. The boys were excited to see him. We took him to Sam's, because that's what we do on Fridays for lunch.
Grandpa Stew likes to fly model airplanes, and he got the chance to fly some during the visit. Little Elvis went on the first day.
 He got a chance to fly, but Grandpa Stew was able to take the controls.
Baby Plum got to go the second time they went flying.

Cheese Puff  consented to wear this incredibly cute tiger hat I bought for him last year. He's not a hat fan, so I take a picture whenever he agrees to don it. This time he even had matching tiger glasses. Isn't he cute?
Grandpa Stew likes to end his trip on Cow Appreciation Day. So, the whole family dressed up like cows, and headed to Chick fil A on his last day to visit.
Little Elvis made the sign. They had a lot fun.

Neighborhood camp

Still doing lots of catch up. Right after we got back from our big trip west, we had a neighborhood camp for the kids in our little hood. It was a week long camp, and we did different activities at different houses. The first day Bob did a science and weather themed talk with music.
The kids were mainly around Baby Plum's age, and I think most of them had a good time.
Here he's crushing a Coke can with the air in the room. The kids also really liked the tornado in a box and the causing a packet of ketchup to sink or float in a bottle of water. He tells them it's with his mind, and the kids love it.
Since it was a 2 hour camp day, he needed to do extra stuff, so he did a section on multi-wavelength astronomy.
The kids seemed to have fun.

On the second day of our camp, we went to another friend's house and did crafts. The crafts were flower pots that the kids painted, and we put flowers in for the older neighbors in our area.

For the third day, we headed to another friend's house for water games outside.

On the fourth, the kids came back here to film one very short scene in Little Elvis' movie. They then played. It was very laid back. I didn't plan anything other than telling them to swing and play, and then scream.

For the fifth day, neighbors (who don't have young kids) offered us the use of their pool. Our little camp went out with a bang.

I hope we'll try it again. I'm so glad our neighborhood is open to things like this.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Almost home!

These are shots from the last day of our big trip. Our last museum that we visited was in Little Rock. It was nice, and the boys had fun.
Little Elvis using a pulley system.
Baby Plum and Cheese Puff putting balls through tubes on walls. I need to devise some sort of system for them at home.
Cheese Puff was a huge fan of balls through tubes.
He also likes to pose with cows...
Big Bird...
and Grover. I think this shot turned out pretty well.

While Cheese Puff posed with different creatures, his brothers tried out broadcasting. They made their parents proud, although I don't think either of us really want them to go into that field.

Baby Plum didn't get a chance to talk. Bob said they were kind of like Penn and Teller. That's probably pretty accurate.
I know I already posted this picture, but I wanted to again. The boys laid on a map of Arkansas. Little Elvis is in "Arklahoma" territory -- that's where Bob and I met at our first TV jobs. He just kind of picked that area. I don't know if I told him that before or after the picture.
We didn't always eat very healthfully on our trip. On the way home, we decided that we would make Little Elvis and Cheese Puff's favorite dish the next day. They love a dish that's chock full of spinach. Baby Plum does not. He doesn't have a favorite "healthy" food, so we decided to give him one. We told him on the ride home that we were making his favorite dish -- lasagna. He was excited.
Even more so that he got to help us cook it. He even ate seconds for lunch the next day! Who knows if this little experiment in telling him that he likes healthy food will work next time. It was still nice to not have to fight him for one night.

Wrapping up our big cross country trip

We have become a family of jet-setters! There was a delay in blogging, because we went to the East Coast for a few days. I have pictures. I'm sure they will be put up in September... Maybe mid-August?

Back to our trip out west.
Baby Plum decided to sleep on the floor a couple of nights. There was room in his bed, but that's how he rolls.
This baby slept with his Mommy every night. He's a snuggler. (He's pretending to sleep for me here, but he looks just as sweet when he's really sleeping.) No pictures of Little Elvis. His nighttime hijinx need audio. He's quite the sleeptalker.
This was our penultimate museum visit on our trip of science museums around the west -- The Perot Museum. It was kind of awesome. We played on cool frogs before the museum opened.
There were a series that got bigger with each frog.
Little Elvis picked the biggest.
I don't remember what the purpose of the wings was, but the boys were happy to pose.
They fit Little Elvis best.
Even Cheese Puff got in on the action with this posed picture. He flatly refused the picture with moose antlers in Colorado.
A shot from inside the mseum
Cheese Puff showing me that he's no longer scared of dinosaurs. Don't trust him -- he's still scared of them.
This was cool. Little Elvis stood in front of these wooden squares, and they mimicked his movements.
The boys also raced a cheetah. Look at those stances.
Little Elvis decided the best way to beat the cheetah was to start running before the race began.
They also performed sports moves in front of cameras, and then compared their moves to professional athletes. Little Elvis told Bob he threw just like Roger Staubach. I think he needs to practice. This whole lefty thing in a righty world is hard in the world of sports. At least it seems to be where football is concerned.
Baby Plum kicked the soccer ball. I don't remember the name of the professional soccer player, but he was also happy with his video.
I believe their favorite part of every stop was the pool. Baby Plum just started doing this before we headed down, so I had to snap a picture.
If you take one picture, you have to take more. Cheese Puff posed by wall.
Little Elvis stretched out, too. It's always a good idea to stretch before swimming.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cadillac graveyards and Legoland

One of the very few things I suggested for our trip was a visit to the Cadillac Graveyard in Amarillo, Texas. I'd seen pictures in some magazine, and thought the boys would love it. It was kind of a let down. Plus, we had no idea about the graffiti. We went unprepared.
People spray paint their names onto the cars. We didn't know, but a nice woman gave us a half-empty bottle of teal spray paint.
Little Elvis wrote his name several times.
He likes to put his stamp on things.
Cheese Puff scribbled with a sharpie.
So did Baby Plum. They had fun writing on things they normally can't write on.
The next day, the boys posed by a minion display at McDonalds.
We also visited the LEGOLAND in Grapevine, Texas. Actually, Little Elvis and Bob did. That place is really expensive. I took Cheese Puff and Baby Plum to see Inside Out. They enjoyed their movie, and it made me cry a little. Not in a bad way.
While we were basking in a cool theatre, Little Elvis built things with Legos.
Here's a close up. He also made a brick that says LEGOLAND.
He got to play with other kids as well.
They had neat rides. This one was kind of carousel-like.
He also got to drive a cute little Lego police car.
I like this picture of him.
Bob said he did a good job driving.