Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Almost home!

These are shots from the last day of our big trip. Our last museum that we visited was in Little Rock. It was nice, and the boys had fun.
Little Elvis using a pulley system.
Baby Plum and Cheese Puff putting balls through tubes on walls. I need to devise some sort of system for them at home.
Cheese Puff was a huge fan of balls through tubes.
He also likes to pose with cows...
Big Bird...
and Grover. I think this shot turned out pretty well.

While Cheese Puff posed with different creatures, his brothers tried out broadcasting. They made their parents proud, although I don't think either of us really want them to go into that field.

Baby Plum didn't get a chance to talk. Bob said they were kind of like Penn and Teller. That's probably pretty accurate.
I know I already posted this picture, but I wanted to again. The boys laid on a map of Arkansas. Little Elvis is in "Arklahoma" territory -- that's where Bob and I met at our first TV jobs. He just kind of picked that area. I don't know if I told him that before or after the picture.
We didn't always eat very healthfully on our trip. On the way home, we decided that we would make Little Elvis and Cheese Puff's favorite dish the next day. They love a dish that's chock full of spinach. Baby Plum does not. He doesn't have a favorite "healthy" food, so we decided to give him one. We told him on the ride home that we were making his favorite dish -- lasagna. He was excited.
Even more so that he got to help us cook it. He even ate seconds for lunch the next day! Who knows if this little experiment in telling him that he likes healthy food will work next time. It was still nice to not have to fight him for one night.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

The pulley looks fun!

The broadcasting is pretty cool, too. But I know what you mean about not wanting your kids to go into a particular field of work. That's pretty much how I feel about my kids and architecture.

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