Wednesday, July 15, 2015

First part of our "big trip!"

I actually took lots of pictures on our trip! Or lots for me. These are some from the first leg of our trip.
This was taken the day before our trip. It's either Little Elvis' or Baby Plum's mouth. Baby Plum took the picture, and broke the lens cover thing on my camera. It won't fully close now, but it came with a case, so it's all good.
This was at the entrance to our first science museum -- The Science Museum of Oklahoma. That's Little Elvis and Cheese Puff.
Bob and Baby Plum had to pose as well.

This was a huge museum!  They had all sorts of fun things! Including a Segway course. Little Elvis and Baby Plum rode three times to get the full license.

Bob also rode it. He was kind of miffed that I didn't film him really riding on the Segway, but I had to chase after three excited little boys who headed for a tree house... that I didn't take any pictures of.
But we did get our picture made with this really awesome big table. This section was all about proportion and how we view it.

I'm going to skip around in the days of our journey here, and show pictures from the science museum in Denver. We went with Bob's brother, and his oldest son.
They had this cool rack of antlers on the wall. I don't think Baby Plum could hold up antlers that big.
I don't think Little Elvis could either.
But I'm sure Bob could. Those are Cheese Puff's legs. He was not cooperative, and refused to pose with the antlers.
They had a section in this museum where the boys could be scientists. They had to wear lab coats, gloves and goggles. I believe they looked at cells from their saliva. (I love when they pose and hug. For some reason, I like that.)
I'm not completely sure what they did, because Cheese Puff was very uncooperative. I was chasing him for the most part.
They had a special mythical creatures exhibit, so the boys posed with a dragon. That's our nephew in the picture with the boys. When he was barely a year old, he was written about in the blog. I called him Little Bono. We will stick with that nickname.

This museum had a big dinosaur exhibit that Baby Plum, Cheese Puff and I stumbled into. Cheese Puff is frightened of dinosaurs, and I meant for him to avoid that section. We ran through it, only stopping for Baby Plum to look at a couple of things.

They also had a cool exhibit about a sarcophagus from Egypt. I love reading about mummies, and wanted to really study this area. Oh well. I learned a little something new.


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