Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Long time, no write...

It's been a while... a long while. We took an actual family vacation at the end of June. Seven states welcomed us as we drove our family of 5 around in a Prius. We are crazy, but we survived.
This is about 30 minutes in. Don't they look excited and refreshed?
We did drive through Arkansas to get to Oklahoma, but we crossed that sign while on a bridge over a river. So, no picture. We decided to pick up the Arkansas sign on the way home. We stayed the first night in Oklahoma City, and tried out a fun science museum before heading out after lunch.
Hello Kansas! Kansas is a big state. It was a long drive through Kansas.
But we did make it to Colorado before the sun went down. We arrived at Bob's brothers' house around 10 that evening. See how much fun Cheese Puff was having in this picture?

We stayed in Colorado for several days, and I will write about that next.
Then we set off for a tour of the southwest on our way home. First stop... New Mexico! We hit a science museum in Albuquerque before heading to....
Texas! It's such a big state that we stopped in two different cities.
There's the Arkansas sign!
Our final museum was in Little Rock, and then we headed home. They had this huge map of the Arkansas River Valley. Bob and I met at our first television jobs in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Little Elvis is laying around that area of the state. At least I think he is.


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I love the all the photos with the state signs! What a great idea! I'm imagining all 50 in your future (...just maybe not the short term future...

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