Friday, July 31, 2015

Neighborhood camp

Still doing lots of catch up. Right after we got back from our big trip west, we had a neighborhood camp for the kids in our little hood. It was a week long camp, and we did different activities at different houses. The first day Bob did a science and weather themed talk with music.
The kids were mainly around Baby Plum's age, and I think most of them had a good time.
Here he's crushing a Coke can with the air in the room. The kids also really liked the tornado in a box and the causing a packet of ketchup to sink or float in a bottle of water. He tells them it's with his mind, and the kids love it.
Since it was a 2 hour camp day, he needed to do extra stuff, so he did a section on multi-wavelength astronomy.
The kids seemed to have fun.

On the second day of our camp, we went to another friend's house and did crafts. The crafts were flower pots that the kids painted, and we put flowers in for the older neighbors in our area.

For the third day, we headed to another friend's house for water games outside.

On the fourth, the kids came back here to film one very short scene in Little Elvis' movie. They then played. It was very laid back. I didn't plan anything other than telling them to swing and play, and then scream.

For the fifth day, neighbors (who don't have young kids) offered us the use of their pool. Our little camp went out with a bang.

I hope we'll try it again. I'm so glad our neighborhood is open to things like this.


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