Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hitting science museums

On our way home on our vacation, we took a detour through several states to visit different sites and science museums.
On the way out of Colorado, we visited the Garden of the Gods. It was very pretty.
We stopped at a hotel in Albuquerque that night. Baby Plum and Cheese Puff carried one piece of luggage together. They were so cute. You can't really see Cheese Puff holding the strap here.
He had a bear in one arm and the strap in the other. I don't see how Baby Plum didn't get a little choked, since the bit strap went across his chest and neck.
The boys posed with a big bear in New Mexico... I think.
This is Little Elvis building something at a science museum. This child is a builder. He likes to build tall buildings.
Cheese Puff likes magnets. He absolutely loved the magnetic rock display in one of the gift shops. I didn't get a picture of that, because I was worried he might break something.
This is not  Mommy's brightest moment. We had created multi-colored shadows with lights, and I tried to take a picture with a flash.
One of the displays shot little balls with air. Cheese Puff LOVED it.
Little Elvis and Baby Plum built a car while Cheese Puff played with air.
I think the goal was to race them.
Then, Cheese Puff found the baby play area. I sat with him, while his older brothers went upstairs to learn about electricity. Cheese Puff found something he loves more than air. Rolling balls through tubes on slight angles. He could have done that for hours I think.


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

Oh! I like the balls and tubes, too. (Sometimes we play a modified/falls-apart-easy version of that at our house with (toilet/towell) paper tubes and marbles. We tape the tubes to wall with lots of painters tape.

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