Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wrapping up our big cross country trip

We have become a family of jet-setters! There was a delay in blogging, because we went to the East Coast for a few days. I have pictures. I'm sure they will be put up in September... Maybe mid-August?

Back to our trip out west.
Baby Plum decided to sleep on the floor a couple of nights. There was room in his bed, but that's how he rolls.
This baby slept with his Mommy every night. He's a snuggler. (He's pretending to sleep for me here, but he looks just as sweet when he's really sleeping.) No pictures of Little Elvis. His nighttime hijinx need audio. He's quite the sleeptalker.
This was our penultimate museum visit on our trip of science museums around the west -- The Perot Museum. It was kind of awesome. We played on cool frogs before the museum opened.
There were a series that got bigger with each frog.
Little Elvis picked the biggest.
I don't remember what the purpose of the wings was, but the boys were happy to pose.
They fit Little Elvis best.
Even Cheese Puff got in on the action with this posed picture. He flatly refused the picture with moose antlers in Colorado.
A shot from inside the mseum
Cheese Puff showing me that he's no longer scared of dinosaurs. Don't trust him -- he's still scared of them.
This was cool. Little Elvis stood in front of these wooden squares, and they mimicked his movements.
The boys also raced a cheetah. Look at those stances.
Little Elvis decided the best way to beat the cheetah was to start running before the race began.
They also performed sports moves in front of cameras, and then compared their moves to professional athletes. Little Elvis told Bob he threw just like Roger Staubach. I think he needs to practice. This whole lefty thing in a righty world is hard in the world of sports. At least it seems to be where football is concerned.
Baby Plum kicked the soccer ball. I don't remember the name of the professional soccer player, but he was also happy with his video.
I believe their favorite part of every stop was the pool. Baby Plum just started doing this before we headed down, so I had to snap a picture.
If you take one picture, you have to take more. Cheese Puff posed by wall.
Little Elvis stretched out, too. It's always a good idea to stretch before swimming.


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I bet you are all happy to be back in your own beds! The Perot Museum looks neat. I'd never heard of it before!

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