Monday, August 31, 2015

Completing projects!

It took me all summer to finish my big project! I refinished our table and chairs and bench. I should have taken more pictures. We bought the table set when we first moved into the house almost 6 years ago. It was not an expensive set. I knew I would refinish it some day, and decided that this summer was the summer.

The table had these grooves on the top, which I hated. Crumbs were always getting stuck in them. I decided to fill them with wood filler, and then paint the top of the table, while staining everything else a heathered gray stain. That was my big problem. I managed to create a chemical reaction the first time I did the table top. I filled the grooves, sanded and sanded. Primed, painted, and polyurethaned. Then, my gray top sprouted orange lines where the grooves had been! So, I had to redo the table top. I went with a darker paint that I mixed with plaster of paris to make a thicker chalk paint. I also changed poly. So far, no chemical reaction!!

No orange lines!!

We decided to reupholster the chairs with laminated cotton, and found this cool pattern online. I'm sure it's a little wild for most tastes, but we like it. Bob likes how science-y it looks, and I'm into geometric patterns right now.

The table top is a little lighter than the stained legs and chairs, but I will live with it. I've finished, and almost finished a couple of other projects! Yay! I will take pictures of them, and get them up soon. Trying to stage them in our living room at the moment.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

What time is it?!?

It's Rind Time! This is the sequel to last summer's "The Bloody Pineapple." Here's some behind-the-scenes info for all you fans. The movie was written during our long drive west in late June. When we got home from vacation, Meredith recruited all the actors and lined up a shooting schedule. We shot in July and did some of the post-production during another long road trip in late July. Finally, in August I had a little bit of time to work on the special effects. Thanks so much to the cast and their parents for taking the time to be part of the project. We really had a great time at the world premiere today!

Building and cutting down

The other day, Little Elvis and Cheese Puff built a castle together. Bob said that Little Elvis did the most building. Cheese Puff mainly tried to destroy his handiwork. They are pretty similar, except for that one thing. Little Elvis likes to build and admire. Cheese Puff likes to watch someone build, and then destroy.
But Bob got lots of cute pictures.
Open those eyes!
Little Elvis showing off his handiwork.
Cheese Puff walking in his castle.

Later that week, my parents took the boys to see Mawmaw and Pawpaw. Pawpaw had two big trees cut down, and the boys had a fun time posing on them.
Cheese Puff on the tree.
Baby Plum on the tree.
Little Elvis on the tree.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

First football game!

 Little Elvis had his first football game on Saturday morning! He plays for the Titans.
 They held opening ceremonies, and the little girls who signed up for Park and Rec cheerleading made signs and stood in a tunnel type formation for all of the teams to run through. How cute is that?
It would have been cuter if I had been able to better figure out my phone camera. He's in there somewhere. The sign said "Go Titans!" I think.
 My mom sent me this picture. He's out there.
Here he is lined up. We figured we'd be lucky if he made it past one game. His team lost, but he's having fun! And he's (semi) willing to practice. My dad is using his brothers (Baby Plum and Cheese Puff) to teach him formations, and he's kind of working on throwing and catching. Cheese Puff wants to help him with the throwing and catching, and has taken several beans to the face. Maybe he'll stick with it. It's nice not having to force him to practice, or go to games.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Teacher picture and notes!

Cheese Puff's teacher sent me a picture of him from his first day of pre-school! She even made a super cute sign for her students. At least his eyes are open in the picture, right?

Baby Plum now loves his new teacher (Little Elvis' old teacher.) She told me he is a complete joy in the classroom, and even wrote a little note about it. Glad it's working out.

Monday, August 17, 2015

First day of preschool!

Today, my "Little Bitty Baby" started his first day of 3-year-old preschool. He was kind of excited.
This is the current smile he gives me when I say smile.
If I say give me a real smile, I get this.
I told him to say "school." Should have told him to say "cheese."
He was more excited about playing "cards" in the car. He wanted some Mickey Mouse number flash cards, and we've made a sort of matching game out of them.
Pretty curls. I don't know how much longer we get to keep them.
Counting Mickeys on his new cards.
With his teacher last year, Miss Sherry. He's got Baby Plum's old teacher, and his two biggest buddies from last year are in the other class. The one kid he told me he didn't like last year (what 2-year-old does that?) is in his class. I'm sure he'll make new friends.

Baby Plum got a new teacher -- Little Elvis' old teacher. There weren't enough kindergarteners at his school, and Baby Plum had the newest teacher at the school. So, they decided to move his teacher to a different school in the district, and move her kids to other classrooms. I requested Little Elvis' old teacher, and we got her! Baby Plum is a little put out, but I hope it works out well. He's cried some, but it's more because he wanted to be put into a class with one of his friends. He will still see that friend a lot.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Sometimes I'm good for something...

There are a lot of things I can't do. But when my children randomly start requesting, and assuming that I will make them stuffed penguins like the "Penguins of Madagascar," I obliged. I couldn't find black fabric, so I bought a pair of black trouser socks at Dollar Tree.
They turned out pretty well. Little Elvis got "Sergeant" and Baby Plum asked for "Rico." They were hand-sewn for the most part, because how will that fit in my machine? I told them to be careful, but have already done repairs. Baby Plum tried to fly his out the car window.
Cheese Puff had to show off a toy, too. He said he wanted one, but I could tell he didn't. Plus, I only had two socks. There are 4 penguins. Little Elvis decided that I should make "Private" for Cheese Puff, and then have another baby so I could make "Kowalski."

I will be glad to stop at two. Plus, they really haven't touched the penguins much in the last week.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Cheese Puff plays with Gram and Coachpa

Not only has Cheese Puff been an only child with me, but he got to spend the night with my parents during the middle of the week. He had fun.
He didn't have to share anything!
He got an iPad all to himself.

I met them at Sam's for lunch the next day. He heard his favorite song on the radio on the way there. And yes, he wore his pajamas to Sam's. We're not completely over the pajama obsession.

Isn't he cute? I fussed at his brothers for teaching him "Shut up" until I realized that this song did that. Oh well. He now knows he can only say it when singing the song.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

An only boy

I'm not sure if Cheese Puff is enjoying his time as an only boy. He definitely wants my 100% attention, all of the time. I went to the bathroom today, and told him. 5 seconds after I left his bedroom, he was running through the house crying. I think he really misses his brothers.
Yesterday, he was laying on the floor while I read on the couch. I looked through the footrest at him, and he looked so cute. He stayed in place while I got the camera, but I don't think I did a good job with light.
Slappy came to see what we were doing, so he had to hold her. She's not nearly as happy as she looks.
Cheese Puff randomly taught himself how to flip on our bed yesterday. I snapped the photo too late.
He was happy to do another flip.
We made a "tent" for him and his stuffies. I put the tunnel in mainly as a way to direct air in from a box fan. I thought it might get hot under the blanket without any air circulating. He decided the tunnel made a better toy slide.
I also thought I could get some cleaning done, because he would have so much fun in his tent with his toys. No. But he and Baby Plum had a blast when Baby Plum got home.

I know I need to dress this little boy more during the morning, but he seems to be getting out of his pajama phase, and I'm ok letting him be cool in undies instead of sweating in long-sleeved pajamas.

Goggle boy

Baby Plum randomly decided to wear goggles to school one day last week. I think his teacher made him put them up, but he put them back on when he got in the car. Not sure what his fashion statement was.

Flag Football

Since Little Elvis has become such a big football fan, and he maintained that he wanted to play football, we signed him up for flag football. He's had two practices so far.
I haven't been to them. Bob says he needs to do a lot of work to keep up with the other boys who either have more experience, or more athleticism.
He comes home drenched in sweat. Bob says he needs to learn to run faster, and not get faked out. I will talk to my dad about finding ways to do that. I can only guess practice.
He got a hand-me-down football t-shirt, and wanted to a picture taken of it. He really wants to go to an MSU football game this year. My dad thinks he can get us some tickets, so that's exciting!

Tearing things apart and making a museum

I read something somewhere about not throwing out broken appliances and the like until you let your kids take them apart. It seemed like an interesting idea, and Baby Plum LOVES to find out how things work (ahem, break things.)
We decided to try it out with our electric mower last week. It kicked the bucket after 8 years. Once in there, Bob felt he could fix it, so the boys had to stop their destructive tendencies.

But my parents had taken an old humpback TV out of my grandparents' basement. They were going to throw away, but they were happy to give it to us instead.
See how happy Baby Plum looks?
He's watching Bob take the frame off.
They are trying to find out how to take the guts out here.
He liked working the electric screwdriver.
Cheese Puff needed his picture taken.

Little Elvis wasn't at home for the initial bout of destruction. But he took some pieces out once he got back. He decided to take the pieces and open a museum.
It might be the smallest museum in the world. Here are some of the pieces he pulled out of the TV. He doesn't know what they are called.
He named his museum the "Funthousand Museum" and had a ribbon cutting ceremony. Little Elvis loves pomp and ceremony.
He made us tickets after the ribbon cutting. I got in there to see the ribbon cutting, and didn't have my camera with me. I took a picture of the tickets and cut ribbon.
Our tour guide leading us through the museum. I'm ready to throw out the pieces, but he checks on his museum when he gets home from school.

First day of school!

Little Elvis and Baby Plum headed back to school last week. We start very early down here.
Baby Plum's in kindergarten. He didn't get Little Elvis' kindergarten teacher, (who we LOVED) because I didn't realize you could request teachers. But that's ok. His teacher seems pretty nice, and he knew 4 boys in his class. I think he's doing well. He comes to the car with a big smile on his face each afternoon.
Little Elvis is in third grade, and I graduated high school with one of his teachers. She seems really nice, and he seems to like it so far. He knew several kids in his class, and gets to see his best friend from last year some. Third was the grade where things got hard for me. I remember having lots more homework. We're going to try to take it easy with him this fall just in case. He's got football, and will have the play. But if football proves too much with school, he may not try out. We'll see.
Since his brothers got their pictures made, Cheese Puff wanted his made as well. He's holding his latest favorite stuffy -- a dog named Sparky. He starts school next week! They moved pre-school up this year. We'll go meet his teacher this evening. He's getting Baby Plum's old teacher. She said she was thrilled to have him in her class.