Sunday, August 02, 2015

Beach boys

Last week, we went with my parents to Myrtle Beach. This was the boys' first trip to a beach, and they were all very excited. They did very well, on a second fairly long road trip.

But it was worth it.
Here they are when we first arrived. Who needs to put on swimsuits? They just jumped right into the surf.
Their clothes were ringing wet, but they all seemed to really enjoy the beach.
They liked the waves, the water splashing them, and searching for seashells.
Little Elvis was a master seashell finder... I need to take a picture of him with the two amazing shells he found.
Baby Plum enjoyed the water, but not the waves. He was small enough that they could knock him down, and that frightened him a little. Cheese Puff was also easy to knock down.
But Little Elvis LOVED it. He could have spent the entire time we were there in the waves. He just loved it.
The boys loved the beach, but they also loved the hotel we stayed in. It had two pools, was super tall, we could rent movies and board games, and it had several different TVs. They loved a Minion Memory Game, and even tried Risk -- a board game Bob grew up playing. My parents suffered through endless nights of Spades with us. Spades is my favorite card game, and I could play it all the time.

There are more great pictures to come!


Blogger Ann Wyse said...

It's amazing how magical the sea can feel (for adults, too!) I'm not sure that my kids have really had the experience of running into ocean waves yet – although we were at the beach this summer. (It was super shallow and not exciting in this way.) Good thing to keep in mind for next summer, I guess!

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